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In Tehran University Speech, Louis #arrakhan Refers To ‘Great Satan’ U.S., Tells Iranians: If You Persevere In Your Revolution Despite The Sanctions, ‘Victory Will Be Yours’ #sharia #Ellison #Minnesota

How do we allow this vermin to continue his seditious rants? How do we allow his sycophants, like Keith Ellison, to run for office? Ellison is a wife beater and a liar, but I guess this is OK for a good muslim. Heaven help Minnesota if he gets elected. Next stop, Sharia.

From MEMRIIn Tehran University Speech, Louis Farrakhan Refers To ‘Great Satan’ U.S., Tells Iranians: If You Persevere In Your Revolution Despite The Sanctions, ‘Victory Will Be Yours’ – And More Clips And Reports Of Farrakhan Speeches From The MEMRI Archive

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan visited Iran as the Islamic Republic celebrated the anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Iran in 1979. During a speech At Tehran University, Farrakhan said that the U.S. is “gloating” over new economic sanctions. He said that nothing happens without the will of Allah, and added: “Is it not true that you have called America the Great Satan? If you believe that, then wouldn’t Satan be actively involved in trying to destroy a nation that is set up on… submission to the will of God?” He also called on Iranians to persevere and to “carry forward the Revolution.” Part of Farrakhan’s speech aired on IRINN TV on November 4, 2018. MEMRI has released clips and reports on Farrakhan in the past, which can be found in this report.
To view the clip of Louis Farrakhan on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

“Would Not Satan Be Actively Involved In Trying To Destroy A Nation That Is Set Up On The Belief And Practice Of Submission To The Will Of God?”

Louis Farrakhan: “I am coming to you from the United States of America, that is gloating over the fact that the President of the United States is going to place on the Islamic Republic the most stringent sanctions that have ever been placed on any nation before.
“Nothing happens but by the active or permissive will of Allah.
“So one who is spiritual, or believers in Allah, might ask the question: Why is Iran suffering so much, particularly from the United States of America?
“Is it not true that you have called America the Great Satan?
“Well, if you believe what you say, then would not Satan be actively involved in trying to destroy a nation that is set up on the belief and practice of submission to the will of God?
“If You Have The Strength To Persevere Under These Hard Trials, The Victory Will Be Yours”
“So we should not be surprised at what Satan does to ill-affect the righteous.
“All that your elders have sacrificed will mean nothing if you do not pick up the revolution and carry it forward.
“America is making it very hard for Iran to successfully carry out its mission.
“But if you have the strength to persevere under these hard trials, the victory will be yours.”


Louis Farrakhan, Leader Of The Nation Of Islam: ‘What Proof Have We Heard From These Wicked Deceivers That It Was Osama Bin Laden’ Who Carried Out 9/11, September 16, 2010

Click here to view the clip on MEMRI TV.

Leader Of ‘Nation Of Islam’ Louis Farrakhan Explains: Major Nidhal Hassan Was Cursed By Superiors And Fellow Soldiers, November 6, 2009

Click here to view the clip on MEMRI TV.

Louis Farrakhan, Leader Of The ‘Nation Of Islam,’ Declares His Support Of Iran’s Nuclear Program And Claims That Since The U.S. Administration Ignored His Warnings, ‘The Time For The Chastisement Of Allah Is Here’, March 18, 2007

Click here to view the clip on MEMRI TV.

Louis Farrakhan In Iran: America Is A Sinking Ship; Despite Its Filth, I Feel At Home There, March 5, 2016

Click here to view the clip on MEMRI TV.

‘Nation Of Islam’ Leader Louis Farrakhan Doubts 9/11: America Was Looking For A New Pearl Harbor, April 23, 2011

Click here to view the clip on MEMRI TV.

Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Supports Libyan Leader Al-Qadhafi And Threatens Europe And America: You Will Be Drowned In Your Own Blood, June 15, 2011

Click here to view the clip on MEMRI TV.

Ahmadinejad In NY, September 2010 – Meeting With Farrakhan, Addressing U.N. General Assembly; Full Text Of U.N. Speech

Click here to read the full report.

D.C. Political Science Professor Abeer Kayed: Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack Not a Hate Crime; Trump Responsible; Media, Zionist Lobby Distort It #Pittsburgh

How do we allow these people to teach our children? No wonder there is a resurgence of hate in our colleges and support for the likes of ANTIFA. Statements like these may be protected by the Constitution but private institutions, like Howard University, have the right to discipline or fire people like these. Imagine if anyone substituted “muslim” for Jew.

From MEMRIAbeer Kayed, professor of political science at Howard University, Washington D.C., said that the Pittsburgh synagogue attack was “strictly political” and not a hate crime, but that the media was trying to distort the motive. Professor Kayed said that this had to do with “the power of the Zionist lobby here” and with “the historical significance of the role of the Jews in American life.” It is “as if they get the credit for the existence of the United States,” she said, adding that U.S. President Trump was responsible because the “hatred and racism in his rhetoric” motivated such crimes. Her remarks were broadcast by the U.K.-based Al-Araby TV channel on October 28, 2018, a day after the attack.
Following are excerpts:

Host: Why was the crime [of the Pittsburgh synagogue attack] classified as a “hate crime,” and not as a crime of terror?


Professor Abeer Kayed: First of all because the perpetrator of this crime is a white Christian American. There are specific classifications for each crime. If the perpetrator is an Arab Muslim, he is immediately considered a terrorist. If he is Latino, he is considered mentally disturbed. And so on. If he’s an African [American], they tell you that he is a drug addict or has a criminal past. Not in this case. Here we have a white man who perpetrated a crime, and I call it a crime of domestic terrorism. Why? If we examine what motivated Robert Bowers to carry out this terrorist attack, we see that he had written on his social media pages that he wanted to take revenge upon Jews, because Jewish societies help the convoy of immigrants – Latinos and others – get to the United States. So the reason is strictly political. I don’t understand why the media is trying to distort the reason for the motive. The motive is strictly political, so why does the media turn it into hatred? This issue has to do with American public opinion and American Jews, and it will be dealt with in a completely different manner – first of all because of the power of the Zionist lobby here, and also because of the historical significance of the role of the Jews in American life. This is why there is more sympathy towards them, as if they get the credit for the existence of the United States.
Host: You say that the problem is the distortion by the media. What is the reason for that?
Prof. Kayed: The reason for the distortion is as follows: First of all, we are facing a president who needs to be held accountable by the Department of Justice. I’m responsible for what I’m saying. There are several reasons for this. Since Trump was elected, and even during his elections campaign, his slogans were: “Shut down all the mosques,” “banish Islam,” “terrorist Islam,” and so on. His slogans were hostile right from the start, and his rhetoric of hatred was prominent from day one. This is what motivated the American populists to elect him. He was elected on a purely racist platform. Nobody denies the hatred and racism in Trump’s rhetoric, which has motivated not only Robert Bowers and his ilk, but many others. Like in any normal society, we have sleeper cells. This ideology is like the ideology of Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden’s ideology has spread to the feeble-minded. The same is true of the United States. You don’t have to be a Muslim and an Arab to be a terrorist. When President Trump incites this hatred, and delivers speeches that are hostile to everybody, he is definitely the reason for such crimes today.

NEW JERSEY: When CAIR attacks, weak-kneed Republican politicians fall on their swords

Chatham Borough Councilman Peter Hoffman has apologized to designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) for some 10-year-old comments he made on Facebook and what CAIR calls the ‘anti-Muslim hate site’ Bare Naked Islam and is committed to making ‘meaningful amends.’

The New Jersey Chapter of CAIR issued a press release calling on the Republican State Committee Chairman to repudiate anti-Muslim and racist comments made on Facebook and on anti-Muslim hate site Bare Naked Islam by Republican candidate for Chatham Borough Council, Peter Hoffman.
Hoffman made the below comment on the site after viewing a video showing a young Muslim girl being stoned to death.

“It’s a statement that I’m very ashamed of,” Hoffman said on Monday. “I apologized for it, it’s not the way I feel. I apologized to the Muslim and Chatham communities. It’s a sincere apology.” Hoffman also made separate Facebook posts that read “a hyphenated American is not an American at all” and “assimilation is what made this country great, NOT emphasizing differences.”
“I committed to meet with them (CAIR) at some point to discuss ways I can help build bridges,” he said.

Since then, Mr. Hoffman has expressed his regret for those remarks and apologized in a letter directly to the CAIR-NJ office.
To CAIR staff:
I have issued a sincere public apology to the Muslim Community for my bigoted, insensitive, & unacceptable comments made 10 years ago in reaction to an extremist video I viewed on a virulent anti-Islamic hate site.
My comments, while emotional, are completely indefensible and I’m am sorry beyond words. I painted all Muslims with a bigoted brush and I while I cannot take the words back, I have committed to demonstrating my sincerity to make things right with the Muslim community, and would be happy to meet with representatives of CAIR to express my profound regret in person. My formal apology can be found here. Tap Into Chatham
Peter Hoffman,
Candidate for Borough of Chatham Council

…From Bare Naked Islam

I Believe Survivors when they have Corroboration…#KatieBrennan had Corrorboration

The New Jersey Democrats, as usual, are total hypocrites. They condemn Kavanaugh even though Ford had no corroboration but do nothing for Brennan even though she had a police report, witness statements, and medical reports. The state and local police quashed this in order to protect the Democrat politicians. Let’s hear some condemnation from Menendez, Booker, Murphy, and Watson-Coleman.
Woman accusing Murphy staffer of rape says she ‘received no justice’
Updated on Oct 15, 2018 at 12:58 AM EDT

By Brent Johnson and Susan K. Livio | NJ Advance Media for
The woman who accused a senior staffer in Gov. Phil Murphy ‘s administration of sexually assaulting her while he worked for Murphy’s campaign last year is a state official who says she is now telling her story because she has “received no justice.”
Katie Brennan, who later volunteered for the campaign and is now the chief of staff at the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, detailed her allegations against Albert J. Alvarez publicly for the first time in a story published by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday afternoon.

After the report was published Sunday afternoon, Brennan said in a statement: “On April 8th, 2017, Al Alvarez raped me. On April 9th, 2017 I learned that the system is broken.”
“I have pursued every form of justice available,” Brennan, 31, of Jersey City, continued. “But it has become clear that this system is not built for survivors.”
Brennan said she “decided to come forward because I know that Al Alvarez, and all perpetrators, must be held accountable, must never rape again, and the justice system needs a complete change with regard to sexual violence.”
“It is clear that leadership from the Murphy administration is needed to create meaningful policy change on several levels to make sure future victims do not have to endure what I have,” she said.
Multiple media outlets — including NJ Advance Media — published reports this week citing anonymous sources saying Alvarez faced allegations of sexual assault while he worked as director of Latin and Muslim outreach for Murphy’s campaign in April 2017. Alvarez, 44, of Wood-Ridge, was never charged with a crime.

Albert J. Alvarez
Alvarez, a fellow Democrat, later worked as deputy of personnel for Murphy’s transition team and then as chief of staff of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority under Murphy’s administration. He resigned Oct. 2, the same day the Journal contacted him seeking comment.
Murphy and his wife, First Lady Tammy Murphy, released their first statement on the matter after the Journal’s story appeared, which both defended how the administration handled Brennan’s allegations, and expressed regret that Alvarez was given a job by the transition team in January.
The Murphys said they are “confident” the governor’s administration handled the allegations “appropriately.” But, the couple added, the way Murphy’s transition team handled the matter before he took office “was inconsistent with our values,” and that Alvarez should not have been hired for a state position.
In a separate statement, Mahen Gunaratna, a Murphy spokesman, said Murphy and his wife were not informed of the allegations until Oct. 2 of this year, when Alvarez resigned from his $140,000-a-year job.
Meanwhile, Gunaratna confirmed that Murphy’s office on Oct. 11 received a separate accusation against Alvarez that was “promptly referred” to the state attorney general. That alleged incident occurred in either 1999 or 2000, Gunaratna said.
Alvarez’s attorney, John Hogan, told the Journal that his client “absolutely, positively denies these allegations of sexual assault” and declined further comment. Alvarez and Hogan did not return messages from NJ Advance Media on Sunday.
The alleged incident occurred in April of last year after a gathering of campaign staffers in Jersey City, according to the Journal report. Brennan was a supporter of Murphy’s at the time.
Ask Alexa
She told the newspaper than Alvarez offered to drive her home and asked to use her bathroom and have a drink of water before heading to his home.
Once inside, Brennan told the newspaper, Alvarez forced himself on her. She told him to stop, saying this is “not consensual.” She managed to kick him off her and locked herself in the bathroom. Alvarez left, according to Brennan’s account to the Journal.
Brennan shared records with the Journal demonstrating she had reported the attack to local police the next day and went to the Jersey City Medical Center emergency room for an examination. Brennan’s husband, Travis Miles, and her close friend, also confirmed Brennan told them about the sexual assault right after it happened.
The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, in a statement last week, confirmed it had looked into the matter, according to the Journal report.
Brennan said she waited for months and was shocked no charges were filed. The hospital examination found DNA and saliva, Brennan told the Journal. Assistant Prosecutor Jane Weiner told her Alvarez claimed the encounter was consensual sex, according to the report.
Brennan began volunteering for the campaign as a policy advisor last summer. She told the Journal she didn’t want the allegation to affect her chances at a job working in Murphy’s administration.
Brennan brought her allegations to the Murphy camp three times. The first time was when she alerted the transition team after Murphy won the election in November. Brennan was working for the transition team at the time.
In March, Brennan said, she also told Matt Platkin, chief counsel to the governor, that Alvarez sexually assaulted her. Platkin, who was policy director during the campaign and a senior staffer during the transition, recused himself because he knew both the accused and the accuser.
Platkin referred the matter to an ethics official in the governor’s office and the official referred it to the state Attorney General’s Office that day, according to Gunaratna, Murphy’s spokesman.
Brennan eventually emailed Murphy and his wife on June 1, saying she wanted to discuss a “sensitive matter.” The e-mail did not mention a sexual assault.
“Hang in,” Murphy wrote back, according to the Journal. “We are on it.”
A meeting with the governor never happened, but Brennan said a campaign attorney told her Alvarez would no longer have a state government job. Alvarez didn’t resign for about four months after that.
Brennan said in her statement Sunday that “sexual predators like Al Alvarez are only able to stay in power when those around them do nothing.”
“Several senior level members of the Murphy administration were aware of my assault and failed to take meaningful action,” she said. “Al Alvarez remained employed at a senior level in the Murphy administration until just a few weeks ago, when he knew the Wall Street Journal article was coming out and opted to resign. The failure of members of Gov. Murphy’s staff to respond in an aggressive, proactive fashion is unacceptable.”
Gunaratna, Murphy’s spokesman, confirmed in a statement Sunday that transition officials learned law enforcement “actively investigated” the allegations against Alvarez and that they “closed the case” and decided not to pursue charges.
“Following a clear background check, Mr. Alvarez received an offer of employment in state government,” Gunaratna said.
He added that when Brennan contacted the governor’s office in March, “the matter was immediately and properly referred” to the office’s chief ethics officer, “in accordance with state policies and procedures.”
Then, when Brennan emailed the Murphys, the governor “properly referred the matter to his campaign counsel” because “of the time period” referenced in the email, Gunaratna said. The counsel then spoke with Brennan and her attorney multiple times, Gunaratna said.
The Murphys said in their statement that “any allegation of sexual harassment, misconduct, or assault must be treated with the utmost seriousness to ensure that survivors come forward and justice is served.”
“Society must no longer allow a culture of silence to flourish, and we are committed to ensuring a culture where everyone feels comfortable reporting any instance of sexual misconduct,” the couple continued.
The Murphys also said the governor has asked state officials to review New Jersey’s policies on how sexual misconduct allegations are handled to see if they are “ways to improve our system.”
“We must now ask: how can we hold ourselves to a higher standard moving forward?” the couple said.
Patricia Teffenhart, executive director of the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault, told NJ Advance Media on Sunday that Brennan’s story “highlights some serious harmful norms and systemic barriers that can make it incredibly hard, if not nearly impossible, for survivors to come forward.”
Republican state lawmakers have called for a legislative investigation into how Murphy’s team handled the matter, and Democrats who control the state Legislature say they are concerned by the accusations and are considering the next step.
State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, R-Union, and state Sen. Kristin Corrado, R-Passaic, renewed calls for hearings after Sunday’s story.
“If Ms. Brennan cannot achieve justice after bravely coming forward, repeatedly, then what message does that send to other women, especially those with fewer resources?” Corrado asked.
At least one prominent Democrat, congressional candidate Tom Malinowski, released a statement Sunday. Malinowski, the Democratic challenger to Republican U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance in New Jersey’s 7th congressional district, said he “found Ms. Brennan’s allegations to be credible.”
“And I echo her calls for meaningful policy reforms so that future survivors will not endure the year long ordeal that has brought her to this point,” Malinowski said.

Will Kyrsten Sinema’s Terrorist Connection Doom Her Chance to Win Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat?

I sure hope she loses. There are way too many examples of this woman’s connection to the extreme left and to terrorism. McSally is a great choice.

From Redstate.comWill Kyrsten Sinema’s Terrorist Connection Doom Her Chance to Win Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat?
Posted at 3:12 pm on October 11, 2018 by streiff

Kyrsten Sinema by Gage Skidmire, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Out in Arizona, Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally is locked in a tight race with Krysten Sinema to fill the empty seat and empty suit left by Jeff Flake retiring from the Senate. The polls show a statistical dead heat but my gut feeling is that McSally is trending up.

From RCP

Unhelpful Video of Kyrsten Sinema Bashing Arizonans Surfaces
Jennifer Van Laar

The two candidates have a rather strange connection. McSally, a former USAF fighter pilot, dropped bombs on terrorists. Sinema had parties with their supporters.
In the aftermath of the first Islamist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the federal government began an investigation of Omar Abdel-Rahman, aka the Blind Sheikh, for his role in the attack. His attorney was an aging commie named Lynne Stewart. In 1996, he was sentenced to life in prison as a terrorist douchebag. Stewart continued to represent him on appeal. But in June 2002, something funny happened. Stewart was indicted for aiding Abdel-Rahman in evading restrictions on his communications to his followers, even though those messages could have possibly ordered the death of Americans. Eventually, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In the final event, she served three years before being released on parole after a diagnosis of breast cancer.
It is here that our story picks up:
U.S. Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema promoted events at Arizona State University featuring a lawyer convicted for aiding an Islamist terror organization and its leader.
Sinema, a co-founder of the activist group Local to Global Justice, invited people in a now-closed Yahoo group to attend two events with Lynn Stewart, both in 2003.

In the first event’s invite, Sinema said the lawyer was “emphatically not guilty” and would not have been charged with the crime if it weren’t for “the hastily enacted PATRIOT Act,” that expanded the U.S. government’s power to surveil people and thus catch Stewart passing on the messages in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The second event with Stewart came just days later after the first.

Holding an event for someone who conspired with a convicted terrorist to circumvent court-ordered restrictions on his ability to communicate to his followers is exactly what one would expect of a radical leftist like Sinema. One hopes the people of Arizona are taking this into consideration when making their decision.

Tea Party Learned that Rallies Get Visibility but Voting Gets People Elected #teaparty

I doubt that the leftists have figured this one out yet. They equate democracy with demonstrations.

Note how Trump’s rallies always emphasize GOTV. It isn’t just rah rah. It is if you want to continue our success you must vote. The Tea Parties learned this. We rallied in 2009. Then we organized and in some states took over the Republican Party. That’s how people like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and the rest of the freedom caucus were elected.

We have lost some momentum but now is the time to do it again. They are expecting a blue wave and they will get a red one if we replicate 2010.

I thought Collins speech was very good. Brava. Time for a Tea Party

It looks like Kavanaugh has the votes. The crazies will be out in force, screeching “shame, shame”. Of course they will think that because they are protesting they will prevail. They fail to understand that in our country voting is what counts and that screeching “shame” doesn’t elect anyone.

The Tea Party learned this and turned into a political movement, at least for a while. We got good people elected but we have slowly been marginalized by the establishment. We can use this win to re-establish ourselves by getting out the vote in 2018 and keeping up the pressure in 2020. We have the opportunity to increase the number of conservative senators (even Bob Hugin) and to keep the House safely in GOP hands.

After that we will have 18 months to either take over the Republican Party or start our own. We can side with and endorse Republicans when we can…or until they need to side with and endorse us. It is time we stopped bickering and started a strategy to make this happen.

I can’t decide if I am a deplorable or a coal person.

Maybe I’m both.

I do know I am a Tea Party patriot. We need to reorganize and join the MAGA team.

The Mask Drops: Russia Reveals Itself As Israel’s Enemy

This and other reports from the region does not bode well for Middle East peace. We need to be very careful not to get dragged further into a quagmire. On the other hand, we need to be very careful that the Russians, and their Iranian and Syrian puppet states don’t create more havoc. We need to prevent Russia from improving their Syrian port facilities.

ISIS is showing signs of reconstituting itself in the region. We can’t let Russia prevent us from destroying both al Qaeda and ISIS.


A year ago, Russia’s mask of non-hostility towards Israel was still in place, in the form of strategic coordination with Israel regarding the latter’s bombings in Syria. This allowed it to conceal that it fully sided with Israel’s enemies – Syria and Iran. Even as it refrained from trying to stop Israel from bombing Iranian targets in Syria – as if it could have prevented this – it was at the same time enabling and sponsoring Iran’s expansion into Syria.
An article I wrote a year ago presented the unvarnished facts about Russia’s support for Iran’s expansion in Syria at the expense of Israel’s national security.[1] It asserted that the Iranian forces’ presence in Syria constituted an existential threat to Israel. It further explained, for the benefit of those who could not conceive of Putin as so anti-Israel – after all, he had made Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a guest of honor at the Moscow Victory Day parade in Red Square in May – that this was nothing personal against Israel, but, as they say in the Mafia, just business connected to Russia’s rivalry with the U.S. In truth, the strategic Israel-Russia coordination of Israeli bombings in Syria served Russian interests: Israel declared that it would continue the bombings no matter what, and an Israel-Russia military escalation could only draw the U.S. into the melee and expose Russia as a mere regional power that was no match for the U.S.
Following the September 18 downing of an Ilyushin-20 plane by Syrian missiles, Russia’s mask dropped, and the true anti-Israel face of its policy was fully revealed. Indeed, Putin first attempted to conceal it by refraining from fully blaming Israel for the tragedy. But soon enough he joined his subordinates in blaming Israel, and announced that Russia would equip Syria with S-300 missile systems, which would, inter alia, protect Iranian forces in Syria from Israeli attacks.
Now the picture is crystal clear: The Russians, who originally enabled and sponsored the Iranian expansion in Syria as an anti-U.S. measure, will now also protect the Iranians in Syria from Israeli attacks. This constitutes an undeclared act of war against Israel by an enemy, i.e. Russia – since it will not be the Syrians operating the S-300s against Israeli aircraft, because they yet face a long learning curve to do this; it will, for an indeterminate time, be Russian officers.
But with Russia’s equipping Syria with S-300s, and their inevitable operation by Russian officers against Israeli aircraft, the Russians risk a major military and technological debacle. They will learn, if they haven’t yet from the Ilyushin tragedy, that Israeli-American technology is far superior to Russia’s – and that goes not just for the S-300s now being shipped to the Syrians, but also for the S-300s and S-400s that Russia already has in place in Syria for its own defense. Perhaps only an internal Russian military investigation can show what these systems were doing when the Ilyushin was shot down.
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu rejects the Israeli version of events, according to which the Israeli planes were already back over Haifa when the Ilyushin was shot down. The Russians argue that the radar picture showed an Israeli plane using the Ilyushin as a shield. A possible explanation for this, revealed by the Israeli daily Haaretz, is that the radar picture available to the Russians was not actual, but was the product of Israel’s electronic warfare. Given that this will continue to be part of any future Israeli bombing, the advanced Russian missile defense systems will be rendered no longer marketable. Perhaps this is why the Russians, upon announcing that they will deliverer S-300s to Syria, simultaneously announced their willingness to negotiate with the U.S. on this delivery, in order to avert any possible clashes with Israel and their ramifications.
Russia’s true face has been revealed not only in the military/strategic sphere – by providing S-300s to Syria – but also by its reversion to the old Russian/Soviet antisemitism that not even Russian President Putin’s “special relationship” with Chabad can camouflage. Former Israeli Ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen noted: “The media blamed Israel on the day of crisis in a well-timed orchestrated manner, filled with antisemitic elements. This wasn’t random.”[2] Given Russia’s actual policy towards Israel, this should come as no surprise.
Yigal Carmon is president and founder of The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). From 1988-93, he served as an advisor on countering terrorism to two successive Israeli prime ministers.

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