10 major takeaways from the House #Benghazi report that the media is completely ignoring

10 major takeaways from the House Benghazi report that the media is completely ignoring

Taken from Trevor Loudon’s NewZeal Blog.  But many thanks to The Blaze, which published the original article.  Glenn Beck strikes again.

This report put primary blame on the State Department.  Not good for Hilary’s campaign.  Conservatives should keep this article as ammunition for when she runs.

This is a long but very worthwhile read.


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By: Benjamin Weingarten
The Blaze

To hear the media tell it in the wake of the release of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) Final Benghazi Report, the Republican-led efforts to get to the bottom of the attack were an utter waste of time — there was no foul play that precipitated and no conspiracy that followed the attacks, and the investigation of Benghazi was simply a crazed right-wing political witch hunt.
When there is a unanimous conclusion among mainstream media sources on a subject — especially when it would have been impracticable given the speed of such reaction for the media to have actually consumed such a report and several hundred pages of supporting documents — it behooves others to question that narrative and dig through the documents themselves.

Having reviewed the report and documents appended to it, there are a number of damning takeaways associated with the HPSCI’s findings that the media have simply and plainly ignored in the days following the report’s release.
A word before we delve into each of these points: Given that journalism requires questioning the official line of those in power, it is interesting that members of the mainstream media would simply take at face value the material from the Committee given that:
a) It is controlled by Republicans of whom the media is generally distrustful, including its lame duck chairman who was a member of the intelligence community (IC) himself, and whose wife led a security contracting company that operated in Libya;
b) Congress may have been culpable at least tangentially with respect to any failures associated with Benghazi, and its tendency one suspects would be to cover such failures, giving HPSCI members reason to conclude there was no wrongdoing (never mind the chilling effect of the recently reported CIA’s efforts to spy on Congressional intelligence investigators to begin with); and
c) The press has been ever-critical and skeptical of the CIA and other members of the IC historically, yet uncritically accepts the veracity of findings that absolve the IC of any substantive failures, primarily beyond poorly written talking points.
What follows are the 10 major takeaways from the report that the media is ignoring:
1) The report primarily absolves the IC of failure and wrongdoing,

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