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Photos Surface of #ISIS Crucifying Youths

More from the “religion” of peace.  Note that one boy was crucified for breaking the Ramadan fast.  This sounds severe even for ISIS.  Perhaps he was Christian. Please forward and share.. George ISIS crucify She’etat youth on suspicion of fighting them in Syria. Locals stand around and take pictures of the barbarism. ISIS has no …

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Are the Riots in #Ferguson, MO justified?

Do the people of Ferguson have a right to riot? Do they have a right to loot local businesses (after all, its only income redistribution)? Do business owners have a right to shoot the looters? Please comment.

Two Children Being Executed by Isis and the “religion” of peace

Children being executed by ISIS.  Yes….the “religion” of peace.

Women stoned to death by #ISIS in Syria for adultery

The following article appeared in Al Arabiya…a Saudi news outlet. A couple of observations:  1)  ISIS is as barbaric as ever; 2) the villagers stood around and did nothing.  I suppose that they were afraid for their lives but wouldn’t there be 72 virgins for those who were martyred in defense of the innocent? I …

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Want to know how mohammed did it? Take a look at #ISIS

Conversion by conquest.

Obama purged Pentagon of all the fighting generals & colonels and now we look like bumbling idiots.

With that super strategist, Susan Rice, directing national security and the night stalker, Jarrett, in charge of everything else.

“Operation Martha’s Vineyard” I like the sound of that.

No name, no spirit, no success.  Obama will have made himself responsible for allowing ISIS genocide.

Did anyone notice that in Obama’s #Iraq address he didn’t once look at the camera or we, the people

Cameras have teleprompters…he didn’t need to keep looking from side to side as it there was an audience.  There was none.  He needed to look at and address us. Of course, he doesn’t care a wit about us and didn’t much care to give the announcement.  It was totally uninspiring.  His action will do nothing. …

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With a commie as POTUS and a traitor at State it’s no wonder that the bad guys are winning in #Iraq

In their minds the bad guys are good and the good guys (including us) are bad.

Struggle Against Radical Islam In #Iraq and the World: In Maps

This article from the BBC clearly shows the extent of our enemy around the world, not just in Iraq.  They are all dedicated to our extinction yet we let them grow and grow. It is not too late to contain them.  Many are in isolated areas where they can’t easily attack us.  There are few …

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