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#ISIS Executed 600 Inmates From a Prison Outside Mosul

More news from the “religion” of peace. I suspect that the Shiites in southern Iraq will fight to the death.  ISIS won’t be able to capture Baghdad because of this but they may be allowed to attack the Green Zone.  This would be a plus for both ISIS and Iran. After that, things will settle …

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Is #ISIS Expanding into Egypt? |Inst. for Study of War

Is ISIS Expanding into Egypt? Oct 27, 2014 – Jantzen W. Garnett By Jantzen W. Garnett with Aaron Reese Recent statements by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, and an alleged new group called the “Soldiers of the Caliphate in the Land of Egypt” has given rise to speculation that …

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#Obama #Ebola talk

What the H. did he just say? There were no announcements of policy change and no news. Was he trying to prep us for bad news later? Or just pretending that he is on top of things? What a waste.

Cory Booker faces supoena at just the wrong time.

This is from Hot Air. It is not too late to go out and campaign for Jeff Bell.  The article downplays his credentials.  He is a good man whose resume is at least as good as Booker’s…with a true conservative slant.  The bottom line, New Jersey, is if you want a senator who believes the …

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Bonnie Doesn’t Know What’s In It. Or Doesn’t Care? Vote for #alietaeck

Bonnie Doesn’t Know What’s In It. Or Doesn’t Care? Oct. 23 By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There are plenty of reasons to support Dr. Alieta Eck over Asw. Bonnie Watson Coleman in the race to succeed Rush Holt, Save Jerseyans. This exchange from Wednesday night’s debate is a good place to start: …

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Silence in the face of #Jihad in New Jersey

This article from American Thinker explains how close jihad is to the citizens of New Jersey.  Our “esteemed” governor is facilitating this behavior. So is our President.  It is about time that we fought back both in New Jersey and nationally.  We need to identify and expose those mosques and Islamic centers that are breeding …

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Deep Inside the Islamic State: Meeting ISIL (Documentary)

This is a 2 hour documentary taking you deep inside ISIS and al Qaeda.  It is well worth the time.  Also check out the comments posted to the sharia unveiled blog…very enlightening. Deep Inside the Islamic State: Meeting ISIL (Documentary) Posted by sharia unveiled on October 17, 2014   To learn who these people are, …

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#ISIS: Junior Varsity’s Five-Year Plan for a Caliphate | Western Free Press

ISIS Releases Map of Domination: Obama’s ‘Junior Varsity’s’ Five-Year Plan for a Caliphate WFP News | September 25 2014 0 Comments By Susan Whitson Bagley While the Administration plays-with-words for our intentions with Iraq and Syria, Americans and our allies have been killed by radical Islamic supporters which behead innocents to send a message of …

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