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Jan 30

Mitt #Romney is an honorable man

…by getting out of the race early.  It will help to clarify the Republican field early enough to make a difference in fund-raising.  I think he could have won against Hilary and although he had some faults he is a lot better than her. Now its Jeb and Christy against the conservatives.  Or, rather, it’s …

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Jan 29

Where have all the movement conservatives gone? |PolitickerNJ

Hat tip to PolitickerNJ. Unfortunately, they seem to have it right.  New Jersey conservatives have been rolled over by the GOP establishment.  With a few exceptions, the conservative movement has been crushed by the Governor and by county chairmen.  They don’t have a chance. It is time for the likes of Doherty, Little, and Garrett …

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Jan 26

Emergency Closures Underscore Need to Fix, Replace NJ’s Bridges

Hat Tip to NJ Spotlight. But where will the funds come from?  As the article states, most New Jerseyians , not only Tea Party people, don’t want to increase gas taxes.  We’ve been taxed enough already. Unfortunately, according to the article, all of the gas tax revenue will go to servicing the debt on previous …

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Jan 22

US Trainers To Deploy To #Ukraine

US Trainers To Deploy To Ukraine By Paul McLeary 12:17 p.m. EST January 22, 2015Also Will Begin Shipment of US-funded Armored VehiclesUS soldiers train with Ukrainian troops during Exercise Rapid Trident in 2011.(Photo: Staff Sgt. Brendan Stephens/US Army)— American soldiers will deploy to Ukraine this spring to begin training four companies of the Ukrainian National …

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Jan 22

#Yemen president resigns under pressure from rebels

This is the latest in a long string of failed states that has occurred under Obama’s watch. Yemen Tunisia Libya Egypt  (in the south) Syria Iraq Ukraine (in the east) Afghanistan (soon) Is Obama totally responsible?  No. Could he have prevented it?  (Perhaps) Could he have prevented Islamist control?  Absolutely. Are we safer?  Are you …

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Jan 22

Sen. #Menedez is Looking Better in Foreign Affairs

I was not a big Menendez fan.  I still think that on the whole Steve Lonegan was a much better choice, particularly on domestic issues. However, Senator Menendez has demonstrated a good grasp of the threats to our country from Iran and from elsewhere in the Middle East.  His comments yesterday about Obama’s speech taking …

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Jan 19

#ISIS Sermon In Syria: ‘Those Who Curse The Prophet Muhammad Should Be Killed’; ‘If We Do Not Kill Them This Year, Our Sons… Will’; ‘We Shall Chop Off The Head Of France’; ‘France Will Be Conquered, Allah Willing’

Hat tip, as always, to MEMRI. In a Friday sermon in Al-Raqqa, Syria, which is controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS), Tunisian cleric Kamal Zarouq said that according to “sacred texts, and by consensus of the Islamic scholars, those who curse the Prophet Muhammad should be killed,” and that “if we do not kill them …

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Jan 18

Bluegrass Pundit: Obama’s #EPA set to effectively end thousands of years old tradition of heating homes with wood…

In addition lots of small businesses are put our of business. George Obama’s EPA set to effectively end thousands of years old tradition of heating homes with wood… 80% of wood stoves are about to be banned in the U.S. The rest will likely be to expensive to be economical. This will effectively end use …

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Jan 16

This Is Obama’s Last Foreign Policy Chance – Time to Clean House by Leslie Gelb

This article appeared in the Daily Beast and was written by Leslie Gelb, a liberal but very knowledgable foreign policy expert.  It decimates Obama’s foreign policy, if you can call it that.  His recommendation is that the entire foreign policy team be fired, from Valerie Jarrett to Susan Rice.  He further recommends a series of …

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Jan 15

Protecting Us from the Terrorist-One Pastor’s Perspective

The following is from Pastor Nash’s Facebook posting.   I agree with his position.  It is time for a modern Crusade. George Protecting Us from the Terrorist Pastor Steve Nash Too many people in too many nations of the world experience a fearful helplessness when we hear the many threats of the terrorist. Law enforcement agencies …

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