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State Education Board Says It Will Largely Continue Common Core Standards | New Brunswick Today

Christie pulled out of Common Core but left the ultra-progressive State Education Board intact.  So the continue the Ultra-progressive agenda intact.  Plus Christie did not pull out of the PARC testing, which is based on the Common Core curriculum. New Jersey is big enough to set its own standards and use its own testing.  As …

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US-Israeli-Egyptian mobile sensor-fence projects to block further #ISIS Mid East expansion

A US mobile surveillance sensor tower This is not a good sign.  Not that the Americans are doing this but that it is being done at all. Is ISIS replacing the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa?  If so, Egypt will be mired in civil war and will probably have its borders redrawn.  The area formerly known …

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Ore. Silences Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbians

It is bad enough that these bakers are ordered to bake a cake despite their religious beliefs.  Now they can’t even talk about it? Where does an administrative law judge (!) get to do this? How can the State of Oregon prevent someone from speaking out loud about anything?  Why wasn’t this case brought before …

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Unconfirmed reports of foiled coup against #ISIS chief

If true this may be the best news coming out of this mess for a long time.  They may be imploding.  The executions would be for key leaders, which is not good for ISIS regardless of the management style of al-Baghdadi. Unconfirmed reports of foiled coup against ISIS chief DEBKAfile July 8, 2015, 2:49 PM …

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Stop #Iran Rally 5:50PM July 22 in Times Square… Be There

Note the speaker list.  This has the potential to be awesome.  Be part of the solution. Please make this go viral. http://stopiranrally.org/  

Greece and the US have more in common than you think #Cosproject #Greece

A fiscal responsibility Constitutional amendment could help correct the problem.  This can be done through the Convention of States.  Go to http://www.cosaction.com/?recruiter_id=211530.  When you sign the petition it will go directly to your state legislators in the expectation it will convince them to support our movement. There is still time but it is running out.  …

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#ISIS targets #Egypt ian Antiquities, including Pyramids and Sphynx

This long article highlights the difficulties Egypt has in defending Sinai.  However, more sinister is their ability to protect such international treasures as the Cairo Museum, the Pyramids, The Sphinx, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel.  I am glad to have visited all except Abu Simbel.  It was dangerous enough then …

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The Revolution was About Freedom…quote from a Hessian Commander

Never let it be said that the concept of freedom was not a motivator during the Revolution.  The following quote is from a Hessian captain who was present at every major battle from Bunker Hill to Yorktown (including Trenton).  Captain Ewald wrote a fascinating diary detailing the Revolutionary War from the Hussein perspective.  Of interest …

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Happy Independence Day to all my friends and followers

May the weekend be safe and joyous…but if you see something, say something.

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