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New UK Labour Leader #Corbyn is Friend of Islamists- He Is No Doubt BFF with #Obama and #Hilary

Hat tip to the Clarion Project Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of Britain’s The Labour Party, has many problematic associations with Islamists and known terrorists. These connections are made all the more galling in the light of his victory in Labour’s leadership election, putting him in the position of being the only leader of a …

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Tennessee openly promotes #Islam: 7th graders made to recite Islamic statement of faith

Note that the reason the school district gave for this action was that study of islam was required by Common Core whereas the study of Christianity was not.  Where is the ACLU on this? Coming soon to a school district near you. It is not too late to rise up and oppose this in the …

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NATO Caught ‘Surprised’ By #Russia ’s Move Into Syria – Defense One

I am not surprised that NATO was surprised,  After all, Obama scoffed at Romney when he called Russia our biggest threat.  And Obama is the only expert on everything in the government. Now what is he going to do?  He came out this week and said, again, that Assad must go.  He painted the red …

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WATCH: “I’m My Own Prophet”, Topless Feminist Storms Stage At Muslim Conference #Islam #Sharia

This needs to happen in the US.  Maybe the “painted ladies” of Times Square would volunteer.  I would be wiling to travel to NYC and donate to their cause if they would do this at a New York or New Jersey mosque. George   RT by Breitbart London13 Sep 20154,556 Two topless feminists have stormed …

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Glenn: I owe Sarah Palin an apology | Glenn #Beck

I hope they can reconcile.  Perhaps this is the first step. We all have bad days and bad moments. Today was one of mine. I stand by all of my comments on Sarah Palin EXCEPT when I called her a clown. It was unkind, childish and wrong of me to name-call. What I should have …

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I think #Jindal is the one who was chosen to fall on his sword and attack #Trump

Trump’s Insults are Getting Very Tiring

Donald Trump has a lot going for him. However, for me there are two things going against him. First is his lack of specifics on many issues.  I understand that he can be a very fast learner.  The same is true for Dr. Carson, Carly, and others.   But he needs to step up his game …

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11 Dhimma rules that Christians must obey in the Islamic State

Want to take bets on when these rules are adopted in Dearborn and Detroit? Hat tip to Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Zee News begins this story with this assertion: “After massacring hundreds and thousands of Christians, the Islamic State rulers have now decided to allow them the right to live, provided they sign ‘Dhimma’ contract, …

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