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Canary in the Coal Mine: Burkini Versus Bikini Round Two: Showdown in Corsica

Burkini Versus Bikini Round Two: Showdown in Corsica A huge fight broke out between Muslim immigrants and native Corsicans after women wearing burkinis were photographed by a tourist. By Leslie Shaw Mon, August 15, 2016 On Sunday August 14, 2016, Bernard Cazeneuve, French Interior Minister, issued the following statement after a violent clash between locals …

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Slate puts mother of 5-year-old Muslim migrant rape victim on trial. Why should we be surprised?

HT to Jihad Watch. Slate puts mother of 5-year-old Muslim migrant rape victim on trial August 3, 2016 10:47 am By Robert Spencer 64 Comments This is an unconscionable exercise in journalistic terrorism by Slate’s Michelle Goldberg, as the mainstream media continues its mad quest to cover up the devastation wrought by Muslim migrants, and …

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Facebook blocks Michael Savage for posting news on Muslim migrant crime

Now, I’m not a big Michael Savage fan but he should have the same right as eeryone else to report the truth.  Facebook is a private operation and they have the right to block him.  But they also purport to be neutral in things like this and they are anything but.  I have posted some …

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Obama will bypass Congress, seek U.N. resolution on nuclear testing – The Washington Post

He will no doubt lecture us on how democracy works as he again bypasses the will of the constituent states and their people.  I am surprised he didn’t use the same strategy with the Iran deal…pass a “binding” UN resolution which is not subject to Senate ratification. Future administrations should feel under no obligation to …

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The Libertarian Party Ticket and a New Conservative Party – #Libertarian

I watched about 45 minutes of the so called town hall on CNN last night.  I have to say that there were some good questions and I liked the way Anderson Cooper moderated it.  However, I was sorely disappointed with the responses of both candidates. Don’t get me wrong…I have pretty strong libertarian leanings.  However …

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Khizr Muazzam #Khan Misquotes U.S. Constitution about Immigration

    This doesn’t change the story of his son (but see our previous posting about that) but it does impeach the credibility of Mr. Kahn, who is supposed to be a lawyer.  In any case, Trump should not touch this issue until the allegations about the Muslim Brotherhood can be confirmed by other sources.  …

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