I’m So Proud of #Obama that I’m Moving to His Favorite Countries…Cuba and Venezuela. NOT

I’m so proud of Obama….not.

According to the left he has done so much for us…like.

Increasing the debt and deficit to unmanageable levels.

Allowing our infrastructure to crumble.

Looking the other way while Hilary’s e-mail antics allow our enemies to hack her server and learn our biggest secrets.

Don’t forget the rise of ISIS, failed states in what used to be Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen.  Deal with Iran that they have already violated.  Nukes and ICBM’s for North Korea.  Russian aggression in Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria.  He did nothing about the illegal building of Chinese islands in the South China Sea, now armed with SAM’s and fighter jets.

Collapse of the dollar.  Record number of people not working.  Lots of people got jobs and many more just stopped looking.

At least the seas stopped rising.  Oops… did anyone notice that his response to the Sandy disaster was much slower and more limited than Bush’s with Katrina?  At least he was successful in evicting all those stupid people whose homes were destroyed (because they couldn’t afford to rebuild and comply with new federal flood regulations).

Medical plan that eviscerates Medicare while redistributing that money to subsidize the purchase of Obamacare insurance.

He was successful in giving away lots of free stuff while forgetting that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  His vision of income equity is that everyone should be poor.

At least you can feel safe in your home…waiting for the police to arrive as your home invader threatens you.  You can feel safe in your Christmas party while the Islamist terrorists are attacking.  Yes… you can feel safe while Obama and his Democratic minions deny you the ability to protect yourselves.

You can feel safe that there have been no terrorist attacks under the Obama regime…wait…its because they have all be categorized as workplace violence or something else.

You can feel safe because the illegal immigrants who are felons can feel safe in the sanctuary cities.  You can feel safe when they take the jobs of Americans and send the money home, thus doing nothing positive for our economy.  You can feel proud of the industrial and agricultural sweat shop owners who are hiring the illegals while Obama dithers with E-Verify.

Well, you can be proud that he opened up Cuba and will be taking a vacation there.  I wonder if he will pay a visit to the thousands of dissidents that Castro rounded up since the deal was made.

You can be proud that he traded the Taliban 5 for a wartime deserter.  For that matter, you can be proud that the Taliban now controls much of Afghanistan and is allowing ISIS to set up camps there.

Oh yes… we are so proud of Obama.  We are so lucky to have Hillary to continue that record of “achievement”.  Any more success and I think I’ll emigrate to that workers paradise, Venezuela.

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