AFP Blasts Chivukula Nomination to Head Up BPU



For Immediate Release – September 19, 2014


Contact: Mike Proto, 201-400-3666


AFP Blasts Chivukula Nomination to Head Up BPU


Pro-taxpayer group says Assemblyman has “One of the worst, anti-ratepayer track records of any member of the Legislature”


TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity is slamming Gov. Christie’s nomination of Asm. Upendra Chivukula (D-17) to be the next Commissioner of the Board of Public Utilities (BPU). AFP communications director Mike Proto has issued the following statement.


“During his tenure in the Legislature, Asm. Chivukula has racked up one of the worst, anti-ratepayer track records of any member in the Legislature.


“Asm. Chivukula has time and time again demonstrated an allegiance to a fanatical environmentalist lobby and pursued a cronyist agenda of forcing taxpayers to subsidize costly and inefficient wind turbines and solar panels. He has also supported the job-killing RGGI cap-and-trade electricity tax. As Chairman of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee, virtually every piece of legislation he has pushed would mean lost jobs, lost opportunity and higher rates for all New Jerseyans.


“As BPU Commissioner, Asm. Chivukula would wield enormous power to advance this extreme and destructive, anti-ratepayer agenda. New Jersey can ill-afford to have eco-zealots like Asm. Chivukula in charge of a bureaucracy whose decisions have enormous impacts on the state’s economy and whose responsibility is to ensure ‘reasonable rates for customers in New Jersey’.”


“AFP therefore calls on the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject his appointment whole cloth and calls on Gov. Christie to nominate a qualified individual who will put the interests of New Jersey families and job creators first.”


AFP will include any vote on Asm. Chivukula’s nomination on the pro-taxpayer group’s Taxpayer Scorecard.


AFP welcomes media inquiries. Please contact Communications Director Mike Proto at 201-400-3666 or


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