Another North Korea ICBM. What should be our response? #NorthKorea

For me our response should be

  1. Through the UN declare a total embargo on goods going into North Korea by ship.  I mean any goods on any ship.  Enforced by the US Navy.
  2. Pressure China and Russia to do the same by land.
  3. Embargo any airplane destined to or coming from North Korea. That means seize the plane and prevent it from flying until NOKO stands down on everything.  Our allies need to do this since our no North Korean plane comes here.
  4. Fly a couple of cruise missiles into the Sea of Japan, inside NOKO territory but not into the land.
  5. Do the same with a couple of B-1’s flying supersonically. Make sure the sonic boom is heard by their troops.
  6. Shoot down the next missile that is flown.


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