#Antifa backer Democratic Socialists Want to Destroy USA….Here is Their Agenda

Republicans control virtually every branch of the government. They’re using their power to attack our health care, wages, and civil rights. In response, the most the Democratic establishment has been able to muster up is a hashtag #RESISTANCE and “bipartisan solutions to stabilize the insurance marketplace.” That’s not going to cut it.

We need solutions as big as our problems. We need a bold and unapologetic democratic socialist vision. It means Medicare for all, living wages for all workers, and an end to the fossil-fuel economy. It means ending mass incarceration, winning citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, and ensuring reproductive justice as a right.

In the last year alone, DSA has QUADRUPLED in size. This isn’t a moment, it’s a movement. And with your help, I know our movement will win.

In solidarity,

Maria Svart National Director, DSA


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