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NATO contributions are still pitifully low,

Here are two documents that show how pitifully our European “allies” are contributing to their own defense. In particular note Germany. Is it time to kick them out of NATO? After all, they are no longer on the front lines. Of course we would no longer be obligated to defend them. Maybe they would like …

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Imam At NJ Islamic Center Workshop: Palestinian Cause Is ‘Islamic’ But Must Be Marketed As ‘Humanitarian’ To Garner Everybody’s Support; Speakers Praise BDS, Say Israel Likely To Cease Existing Within 50 Years #bds

This hate speech occurred in Union County but is occurring all over New Jersey. Of course, the left would call BDS merely provocative. But make no mistake…it is hate speech (perfectly OK for muslims and the left to engage in). From MEMRI At a “Workshop for Palestine” held by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) at …

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RIP Stan Lee


In Tehran University Speech, Louis #arrakhan Refers To ‘Great Satan’ U.S., Tells Iranians: If You Persevere In Your Revolution Despite The Sanctions, ‘Victory Will Be Yours’ #sharia #Ellison #Minnesota

How do we allow this vermin to continue his seditious rants? How do we allow his sycophants, like Keith Ellison, to run for office? Ellison is a wife beater and a liar, but I guess this is OK for a good muslim. Heaven help Minnesota if he gets elected. Next stop, Sharia. From MEMRIIn Tehran …

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D.C. Political Science Professor Abeer Kayed: Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack Not a Hate Crime; Trump Responsible; Media, Zionist Lobby Distort It #Pittsburgh

How do we allow these people to teach our children? No wonder there is a resurgence of hate in our colleges and support for the likes of ANTIFA. Statements like these may be protected by the Constitution but private institutions, like Howard University, have the right to discipline or fire people like these. Imagine if …

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NEW JERSEY: When CAIR attacks, weak-kneed Republican politicians fall on their swords

Chatham Borough Councilman Peter Hoffman has apologized to designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) for some 10-year-old comments he made on Facebook and what CAIR calls the ‘anti-Muslim hate site’ Bare Naked Islam and is committed to making ‘meaningful amends.’ The New Jersey Chapter of CAIR issued a press release calling on …

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I Believe Survivors when they have Corroboration…#KatieBrennan had Corrorboration

The New Jersey Democrats, as usual, are total hypocrites. They condemn Kavanaugh even though Ford had no corroboration but do nothing for Brennan even though she had a police report, witness statements, and medical reports. The state and local police quashed this in order to protect the Democrat politicians. Let’s hear some condemnation from Menendez, …

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Will Kyrsten Sinema’s Terrorist Connection Doom Her Chance to Win Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat?

I sure hope she loses. There are way too many examples of this woman’s connection to the extreme left and to terrorism. McSally is a great choice. From Redstate.comWill Kyrsten Sinema’s Terrorist Connection Doom Her Chance to Win Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat? Posted at 3:12 pm on October 11, 2018 by streiff Kyrsten Sinema by …

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Tea Party Learned that Rallies Get Visibility but Voting Gets People Elected #teaparty

I doubt that the leftists have figured this one out yet. They equate democracy with demonstrations. Note how Trump’s rallies always emphasize GOTV. It isn’t just rah rah. It is if you want to continue our success you must vote. The Tea Parties learned this. We rallied in 2009. Then we organized and in some …

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I thought Collins speech was very good. Brava. Time for a Tea Party

It looks like Kavanaugh has the votes. The crazies will be out in force, screeching “shame, shame”. Of course they will think that because they are protesting they will prevail. They fail to understand that in our country voting is what counts and that screeching “shame” doesn’t elect anyone. The Tea Party learned this and …

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