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Oct 05

Black Lives Matter protesters shout down speech by…the ACLU – #BLM

Black Lives Matter protesters shout down speech by…the ACLUJohn SextonPosted at 8:01 pm on October 4, 2017Share on FacebookShare on Twitter28Remember all the controversy over the ACLU of Virginia’s decision to defend the free speech rights of white supremacist groups in Charlottesville? Briefly, the city wanted to force protest away from downtown and the ACLU …

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Oct 03

I Am OK with Banning Bump Stocks. Also OK with legalizing silencers. #guncontrol

I Am OK with Banning Bump Stocks.  Also OK with legalizing silencers.  #guncontrol

Oct 02

Let’s Ban the Illegal Guns That the Las Vegas Shooter Used #Las Vegas

Hilary Clinton has already come out for more gun control.  The bodies are still warm, the injured are fighting for their lives, and she shows such “compassion”.   Other Democrats are piling on as well. From what I heard on the videos, this guy was using fully automatic weapons.  I would like to know what …

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Sep 29

Steven Crowder infiltrates Antifa at Ben Shapiro event – Hot Air Excellent work here…needs to go viral #antifa

Steven Crowder infiltrates Antifa at Ben Shapiro eventJohn SextonPosted at 3:21 pm on September 29, 2017Share on FacebookShare on Twitter14Wednesday I wrote about the far left’s plans to disrupt a speech by Ben Shapiro at the University of Utah. What I didn’t know is that YouTube host Steven Crowder and his producer had infiltrated a …

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Sep 28

#Antifa backer Democratic Socialists Want to Destroy USA….Here is Their Agenda

Republicans control virtually every branch of the government. They’re using their power to attack our health care, wages, and civil rights. In response, the most the Democratic establishment has been able to muster up is a hashtag #RESISTANCE and “bipartisan solutions to stabilize the insurance marketplace.” That’s not going to cut it. We need solutions …

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Sep 28

Antifa violence vitally worth doing, says NYU librarian #Antifa #BLM

Who is oppressed?  Those whose voices are heard (BLM and ANTIFA) or those whose are not (conservatives). Perhaps we, the silent majority, should defend ourselves violently.  Would this fascist be in favor?  I think not. She is a hypocrite and snowflake.   Antifa violence vitally worth doing, says NYU librarian Toni Airaksinen New York Campus …

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Sep 26

The Lefts (brilliant) scam behind the #NFL anthem protests – Hot Air (Ban the NFL?)

The Left’s (brilliant) scam behind the NFL anthem protestsJazz ShawPosted at 10:41 am on September 26, 2017Share on FacebookShare on Twitter104It didn’t happen until last night. For the entire time that the recent spate of highly inflamed National Anthem protests on NFL playing fields has been unfolding this year, there’s been something nagging at the …

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Sep 25

WTF?? Actor to MSNBC: National Anthem is a Scam ‘To Get Boys and Girls to Go Kill People’ #NFL

And you wonder how people actually believe this stuff.  I guess the producers at MSNBC don’t have a problem with this guy?  You will probably see Grey’s Anatomy ratings go the way of the NFL.  We’ve had enough of this race baiting. Actor to MSNBC: National Anthem is a Scam ‘To Get Boys and Girls …

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Sep 24

BREAKING: Antioch Shooter Is Black Power Radical Who Posted That “You’re More Likely To Be Killed By A White Man” – GotNews Will MSM Cover This? #Antioch

This guy was initially described as an African American….which is a did on all Americans since he was not one.  African, yes.  He was here since 1990 and still had no time for the country in which he prospered.  If he liked Zimbabwe so much, why didn’t he go there? The MSM will bury this. …

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Sep 23

The madness at Evergreen State College – Hot Air #Snowflakes #Evergreen

Why do we concentrate so much on this third-rate college in Washington?  Because it is the canary in the coal mine.  Because it is what many other colleges and universities could very well turn into. Remember all those leftist protestors of the sixties?  The Bill Ayers of the left?  The SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers …

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