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Office Depot Partners with ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability USA to Expand Green Business Challenge to More Cities Nationwide

The Sustainable Jersey movement is a direct outgrowth of this.  They get companies like Office Depot to give grants to municipalities that clear certain environmental hurdles.  If you read the Sustainable Jersey you will find articles like this  34 NJ Towns Receive Grants for Community-Based Sustainability Projects . ICLEI is the organization that thinks these things …

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Putin: Kiev military operation breaks Geneva accord

From DEBKAFile Eastern Ukraine is clearly following the same pattern as Crimea.  How soon will it be that the Russians are “forced” to intervene. Where did the rebels get surface to air missiles?  They are a quantum leap above RPG’s and aren’t just laying around.  This should be evidence of Russian meddling.  But no one …

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Hamas TV celebrates jihad murder of Israelis: “Our harvest is your heads” : Jihad Watch

These are the people that Kerry says that Israel should embrace.  I don’t think so. Time for a modern crusade. George Hamas TV celebrates jihad murder of Israelis: “Our harvest is your heads” By Robert Spencer Now that Hamas and the PLO have reconciled, it ought to be understood that this is the general view …

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Welcome to the New New Jersey Patriot Blog

My dashboard for the old blog stopped working so I was forced to republish it.  I must have been hacked or something. If you are reading this on Facebook or Twitter, please link to the blog’s url and sign up.  You’ll get posts (but nothing else) via e-mail and will be able to browse the …

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RAF Jet Chases Russian Planes Away From UK

Two Russian bombers which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter. The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev 95s, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland. They were turned away from Britain when an RAF Typhoon was scrambled from Leuchars airbase, near Dundee. Crews stationed there are on …

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