Be Afraid: Platform of Movement for Black Lives, recently endorsed by Dem Socialists of America

Black Lives Demands Here is the platform of the Movement for Black Lives. It has been endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America.  Among other things, it calls for reparations, extreme redistribution of wealth to black people, virtual elimination of our military, gutting our police forces, and having black oriented education.  It calls Israel a terrorist stated that promotes apartheid.  The platform somehow recognizes middle eastern muslims as people who have been oppressed by the US and who also need reparations.  It calls for elimination of all crimes related to drugs and prostitution, the elimination of bail, and the release of all “political prisoners”.

I note that it does not call for more severe gun laws…which makes me want to increase the size of my armory.

The only things I like are the elimination of free trade agreements and local control of political stuff.  Regarding the former, it wants to make sure all our trade agreements protect black employment, call for a living wage by US standards, reduce global warming, and redistribute wealth.  Not my idea of a good agreement.  I’m OK with local control but in must urban areas we have that now.  As Donald Trump now reminds us on a daily basis, how is that working out for blacks?

Of course one of the biggest objections is that it promotes an authoritative national government that treats blacks as a group deserving special class.  I guess all people are to be treated equally but some are more equal than others.

I wish they would read 1984 and Animal Farm.  I wish they would visit Cuba, Liberia, and Venezuela to see how their utopia operates.  The platform is an invitation for economic, political, and security disaster.  If these people really want a black utopia, they should follow their forebears to Liberia.  Maybe they can help there.  Or maybe they will be killed by gangsters, child warriors, or Ebola.  Either way, the US and the world will be better off.

This group will be on the ballot in some states.  It is popular among millennialsBlack Lives Demandsl and those who used to be members of the Communist Party.  They serve as a template for the likes of Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton.  Read the platform carefully and you’ll see elements of it in their own platforms.  Hilary is making nice with these people and only God knows what she has promised them.

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