Can Obama Shift Lead Role in War on #ISIS from America to Iran?

This is as good an explanation as any about Obama’s weird draft Authorization for the Use of Military Force.  He has been favoring Iran ever since the beginning of his administration.  He has allowed Iranian influence to take hold in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria.

I have frequently argued that we should let the muslims in the Middle East kill themselves while we contain the violence within the old Iraq-Syria borders.  The growth of Iranian influence has changed all that.  What if Iran controls, directly or indirectly, the territory that used to be Syria, Iraq, and Yemen?  Where does that leave Kurdistan?  What that do to the existing oil fields?  What about the threat to the oil fields of the Arabian Peninsula?  Iran control means a nuclear threat and essential control over the world’s economy.

This is an existential threat to the United States.  We must not allow it to happen.  To do this we must defeat ISIS and insert military protection of the oil fields.  Iran can take over desert if it likes but that which is essential to us must be protected.


Hat tip to DEBKAFile

US & Iran Vs ISIS
Can Obama Shift Lead Role in War on ISIS from America to Iran?

DEBKA-Net-Weekly #652
February 12, 2015

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has undertaken a delicate, high-wire gambit for using the nuclear accord with Tehran as the fulcrum for removing the “heavy lifting” of the war on ISIS from America’s shoulders and passing it on to Iran.
This plan, still in play between the two parties, is revealed by DEBKA Weekly’s intelligence sources, as the motivation behind the extravagant leeway America is allowing Iran for developing its nuclear capabilities.
According to those sources, the draft of a US-Iran nuclear accord is finished. Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif had resolved the last outstanding clauses and had the document ready for signing when they met in Munich Sunday, Feb. 8.
The last hurdle was removed by President Obama’s consent to reprieving Iran from having to answer still pending questions from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about the military aspects of its nuclear projects. It was decided that Iran will not have to face any more agency inspections on those aspects.
President Obama appears to be impervious to the widespread criticism of the accord as a “bad deal.” He also seems undaunted by the US House leader John Boehner’s invitation to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to address Congress on March 3 on its dangerous shortcomings. President Obama is racing forward to get the accord sealed by the end-of-March deadline – come what may.

Obama wants to shelve nuclear issue, move on to Part II of his game plan

Only one man can stop him now: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. His intentions are still an enigma – not just to Washington, but even to Iran’s own president Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister, who await instructions about signing.
(Khamenei’s considerations are analyzed in a separate article in this issue.)
A broad hint to future US-Iranian strategy for the war on ISIS may be inferred from President Rouhani’s speech Wednesday, Feb. 11, at a rally on the 39th anniversary of the Islamic revolution.
There can be no nuclear deal without ending the “humiliating sanctions,” he said, adding that peace and stability in the region and “the uprooting of terrorism” cannot be achieved without Iran.
In the last couple of weeks, Obama has been behaving as though everything is going his way: the nuclear deal is in the bag, Iran’s attainment of pre-nuclear power status is a foregone conclusion, and the time has gone by for Americ

via DEBKA.

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