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Exclusive: #ISIS columns heading from Syria toward Jordan, first targeting the border crossing

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – ISIS – was on the move Sunday, May 24, from central Syria to the Jordanian border, debkafile’s exclusive military sources report. They were advancing from the central town of Palmyra, which they seized last week, in columns of US-made tanks and armored cars taken booty in …

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#ISIS Grabs Oil, Land & Cash-They Cash in on Natural Resources in Looted Lands, Can Afford a Nuclear Bomb

Please read this very detailed analysis on the state of affairs in Syria and Iraq. The ISIS control of southern Syria and Anbar, as well as the neutralization of Lebanon puts them right on Israel’s borders.  They will be able to mass forces on the south Lebanon border and along the Golan Heights.  They will …

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Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat is averted: #Iran ian ship nearing Yemen is redirected to Djibouti

A small victory.  Iran and the US probably colluded on this.  Iran now looks heroic sending humanitarian aid. George Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat is averted: Iranian ship nearing Yemen is redirected to Djibouti via Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat is averted: Iranian ship nearing Yemen is redirected to Djibouti.

Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat: #Iran ship nears Yemeni shore

The article tells of a major US exercise in Jordan that included a B-52.  This was a show of force no doubt intended as a red line. Another red line is the naval blockade of Yemen.  There are 2 days until it is crossed.  DEBKA doubts that the US will do anything to inspect the …

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Risk of US-Chinese maritime confrontation increases in South China Sea #Spratly

The Spratlies have always been a flash point in the South China Sea.  China, Vietnam and the Philippines have all laid claim to this pile of coral that has no economic value.  However, by asserting sovereignty, each of these countries effectively extends its borders and theoretically can control commerce in the South China Sea. The …

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US Special Ops raid killing five #ISIS chiefs had to be coordinated with Syria and Russia

Interesting analysis from DEBKA. The bottom line here is that we made a deal with the devil and some day there will be hell to pay.  We  needed Syria and Russia to pull off this raid.  The raid was successful and may have long term consequences to ISIS.  But so will the fall of Ramadi.  …

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U.S. #Jihad Deradicalization Program Fails, Subject Re-Arrested | PJ Tatler

Now he’ll be put in jail where he can radicalize lots of others.  He should have been allowed to go to Syria and be killed.  His passport and citizenship should be revoked just in case he wants to come back here. George Via PJ Media. Minneapolis Terror ‘Deradicalization’ Program Fails After Just Months, ‘Test Case’ …

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USAF deploys combat aircraft to Eastern Europe and the Baltics – IHS Jane’s 360

What about Ukraine? Will these be enough to deter Russian aggression there?  Will they stop a Russian invasion of the Baltics? I submit that if Russia wants to expand beyond Ukraine these “shows of force” will be quickly overwhelmed.  They will serve to create a warlike state with the US and Obama will do nothing …

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Tehran: Attacking #Yemen -bound aid ship will “ignite war”

Another red line for Obama.  He will no doubt back off to appease Iran. Will Arabia and Egypt do the same?  At a minimum the ship should be boarded and inspected.  If there are no arms, let it continue its mission.  If there are arms the ship should be seized.  Let Iran back up its bluster. …

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#ISIS Hackers Plan “Message to America” Attack Today

By Gilad Shiloach May 11, 2015 A group of hackers affiliated with ISIS are threatening to carry out a cyber attack—dubbed “Message to America”—against a number of targets 2 p.m. EST today. The targets were not identified on ISIS forums and social channels but the hackers are promising something “surprising” that “will frighten America”. ISIS …

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