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  The following was lifted from PolitickerNJ.   I agree with the conclusions:  there are things that New Jersey can do to allow the establishment of alternative political parties.  For too long  New jersey has pandered to the Democrats and Republicans exclusively.  If you want evidence just take a look and the congressional and legislative redistricting …

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Cory Booker faces supoena at just the wrong time.

This is from Hot Air. It is not too late to go out and campaign for Jeff Bell.  The article downplays his credentials.  He is a good man whose resume is at least as good as Booker’s…with a true conservative slant.  The bottom line, New Jersey, is if you want a senator who believes the …

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Bonnie Doesn’t Know What’s In It. Or Doesn’t Care? Vote for #alietaeck

Bonnie Doesn’t Know What’s In It. Or Doesn’t Care? Oct. 23 By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There are plenty of reasons to support Dr. Alieta Eck over Asw. Bonnie Watson Coleman in the race to succeed Rush Holt, Save Jerseyans. This exchange from Wednesday night’s debate is a good place to start: …

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Silence in the face of #Jihad in New Jersey

This article from American Thinker explains how close jihad is to the citizens of New Jersey.  Our “esteemed” governor is facilitating this behavior. So is our President.  It is about time that we fought back both in New Jersey and nationally.  We need to identify and expose those mosques and Islamic centers that are breeding …

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Join the Somerset County Tea Party at the October 5 Somerville Street Fair

Please reserve some time on October 5 to join the Somerset County Tea Party at the Somerville Street Fair. We’ll have a booth and we’ll be doing voter registration, passing out literature and otherwise being very friendly.   The autumn crafts fair has always been a popular event in downtown Somerville. It will be on …

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AFP Blasts Chivukula Nomination to Head Up BPU

            PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release – September 19, 2014   Contact: Mike Proto, 201-400-3666   AFP Blasts Chivukula Nomination to Head Up BPU   Pro-taxpayer group says Assemblyman has “One of the worst, anti-ratepayer track records of any member of the Legislature”   TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity is slamming Gov. Christie’s nomination …

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Legislature, DEP Could Clash Over Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Via NJ Spotlight Let’s get out and support the Legislature on this important resolution.  RGGI is exactly the same boondoggle that it was 3 years ago.  The so-called experts in the DEP are saying that using this will help stop global warming (as if that exists) and will reduce the number of Sandy events.  The …

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Muslim supremacists bully their way into small town that doesn’t want them

NEW JERSEY: Muslim supremacists bully their way into small town that doesn’t want them Via Bare Naked Islam  I echo their commentary.  Infiltration by mosque is a familiar pattern in New Jersey. Even though virtually all the residents of Midland Park, New Jersey were virulently opposed to the mosque, the town was forced to approve …

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Office Depot Partners with ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability USA to Expand Green Business Challenge to More Cities Nationwide

The Sustainable Jersey movement is a direct outgrowth of this.  They get companies like Office Depot to give grants to municipalities that clear certain environmental hurdles.  If you read the Sustainable Jersey you will find articles like this  34 NJ Towns Receive Grants for Community-Based Sustainability Projects . ICLEI is the organization that thinks these things …

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