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New Kavanaugh allegation

I have on good authority that Brett Kavanaugh wrote a sexist essay when in the sixth grade. I can’t find the document but one of his female classmates wrote me an anonymous letter about it. I must believe otherwise I am an evil person.

The left is already ginning up their next attack on Kavanaugh because there is no evidence of sexual misdeeds

The talking points are now his temperament. Apparently, Kavanaugh is not allowed to be indignant about the worst character assassination ever to hit a SCOTUS nominee. I’m sure the op research industry is already digging up dirt on all the people on Trump’s short list. It would be just like him to pick someone not …

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Latest on Kavanaugh: He had to

stand in the corner when he was in sixth grade. This shows a patter of evil behavior.

Jeff Flake and Judas….perfect together

He could be a New Jersey Republican.

FBI Investigation will delay Kavanaugh for much longer than a week

Kavanaugh is screwed. So are we. Yes, the actual FBI interviews will take a week. Then they will issue a report. The Senate Democrats will want to interview each of the witnesses. Then they will want a public hearing. Some of the witnesses will refuse the invitation so they will be served with subpoenas. They …

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This is progress? POLICE: Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Decapitated Man, Cut His Heart Out Inside ‘Sanctuary’ County. Our “progressive” friends continue to defend #sanctuary cities.

  POLICE: Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Decapitated Man, Cut His Heart Out Inside ‘Sanctuary’ County”The victim has been stabbed over one-hundred times, decapitated, dismembered, and his heart had been excised from his chest and thrown into the grave.”Photo: Montgomery County Police HandoutByRyan SaavedraNovember 22, 2017 Nearly a dozen members of the hyperviolent MS-13 street …

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Lifting the Steele Curtain…HRC Lies About Her MegaDirty Tricks & Russan Collusion

Lifting the Steele Curtain The Fusion GPS dossier was one of the dirtiest political tricks in U.S. history. The Steele dossier has already become a thing of John le Carré-like intrigue—British spies, Kremlin agents, legal cutouts, hidden bank accounts. What all this obscures is the more immediate point: The dossier amounts to one of the …

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American Pravda, NYT: Slanting the News and a Bizarre Comey Connection (from Project Veritas) #fakenews

Be sure to check this out on OAN tonight. American Pravda, NYT: Slanting the News and a Bizarre Comey ConnectionNick Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for NYT Video, Says the Times Slants Anti-Trump News to the Front Page, “Oh, we always do.” Claims to Be “Gatekeeper” for New York Times Videos: “My imprint is on every …

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I Am OK with Banning Bump Stocks. Also OK with legalizing silencers. #guncontrol

I Am OK with Banning Bump Stocks.  Also OK with legalizing silencers.  #guncontrol

Let’s Ban the Illegal Guns That the Las Vegas Shooter Used #Las Vegas

Hilary Clinton has already come out for more gun control.  The bodies are still warm, the injured are fighting for their lives, and she shows such “compassion”.   Other Democrats are piling on as well. From what I heard on the videos, this guy was using fully automatic weapons.  I would like to know what …

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