Dem. Gun Control Bill the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent part 1

WE are not in the midst of an ill advised gun control battle.  We can thank the Democrats for diverting our attention and the Republicans for taking their eyes of the ball.

That being said, the GOP has proposed a pretty reasonable approach to imposing further restrictions on our right to self defense.  Basically, they are saying that one should not be allowed to purchase a weapon if he/she is on the terrorist watch list.  However, one would be notified if he/she is put on the watch list and would be given due process.  If nothing results in 90 days they should be taken off the watch list and their record expunged.  They would be allowed to purchase their weapon.

This is not satisfactory to the Democrats.  They want to restrict purchases by anyone on the watch list.  However, one would be secretly put on the list and there would be no deadline in which to give them due process.  They could be put on the list forever when the promise of due process always just around the corner.

Further, because the refuse to define our enemy, they would put any “extremist” on the watch list.  You will recall that it wasn’t too long ago that right wing groups, including most tea parties, were considered extremists.  What would keep an Obama or Clinton administration from putting them on the watch list and controlling guns that way.  And because it would be in secret and without limit, our rights to self defense would be taken from most of us.

Secondly, because “extremists” are so dangerous, who is to say that they won’t also secretly restrict our other rights.  When we speak out someone will come in the middle of the night to round us up.  We’ll get due process when they feel like it.  When we assemble peacefully for a rally a goon squad will break it up and arrest the leaders.  Due process sometime.  They’ll close down our press, talk radio and the Internet.  They’ll allow us a trial by our peers, in secret with them defining who are peers are.

People, these Democrat proposals are the camels nose under the tent.  Once we agree that one of our rights can be secretly restricted (meaning we won’t know anything until we are arrested) indefinitely, there is nothing to say that our other rights won’t be endangered.  After all, they will say, it is only for the greater good.

Our country was formd on the basis of freedom.  Not freedom from Britain, but to preserve the natural rights of every person.  We were to be fee of government restrictions on those freedoms. Our Constitution and subsequent amendments was created to guarantee those freedoms.

The Democrats and many Republicans have forgotten this. They have decided that we need to give op our freedom to have security.  But, as Franklin said, we will have neither.  We WILL have Big Brother.

It is time to resist the Democrat grab of our liberty.  It is time to resist the Republican acquiexence.  It is time to create a new party dedicated to the preservation of those rights that our forefaters fought for in the Rovolutionary and Civil Wars.  It is too late to form this party to influect the upcoming election, We can’t let Clinton win.  But as soon as it is over, we MUST crteate a viable alternative regardless of who wins.  We can’t allow business as usual.

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