Dem. Gun Control Bill the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent part 2

Yes…everyone wants to prevent the next mass shootings.  Not everyone wants to prevent the next terrorist attack.

By trying to control gun sales the Democrats will be doing nothing to prevent the next terrorist attack.  Even if all the guns are confiscated (an impossibility) terrorists will merely revert to some other medium of mayhem.  Maybe it will be fertilizer bombs, or pipe bombs, or poison gas, or plant disease, or human disease.  Maybe it will be a series of simultaneous stabbings.  Or cars being driven at high speed into parades, churches, synagogues, stores.  Their imagination is limitless and the only ways we can prevent them from attacking is to prevent them from being here.

Trump is right…we need to close our borders and properly vet those who we let in.

What about American citizens and those who are already here?  We already know that “see something/say something” doesn’t work because of political correctness.  However, if we take some common sense efforts we can minimize the probabilities:  Here are some:

1  Separate mass shootings from obvious terrorist attacks.

2.  Identify the threads that tie the various terrorist attacks together.  Right now it seems to be Islam.

3.  Enlist the help of moderate muslim groups to create measures that will not smack of islamophobia.  CAIR not wanted here.

4.  Engage in various surveillance techniques to monitor suspicious mosques and other venues.  This could be done legally with FISA warrants if necessary.  No need to arrest anyone or step on anyone’s rights.  Just keep watch lest there be seditious activity.  Infiltrate where appropriate.  As soon as someone’s activity initiates a plot, arrest him/her and anyone else involved using conspiracy laws.

5.  Once people are arrested put them on the terrorist watch list and the no-fly list.  If they are subsequently found not to be guilty, find a way to expunge their record from both lists (but not from police records).  Any non-citizen who is arrested should be deported subject to normal judicial procedure…but expeditiously. If they want to fight deportation they can enjoy Guantanamo until their cases are adjudicated.

6.  Any citizen acting on behalf of an enemy of the United States, such as ISIS or al Qaeda, should be arrested and tried for treason.  Any alien, regardless of status, in a similar situation should be treated as an enemy combatant, given minimal rights, and held in Guantanamo for the duration of the long war.  No release until the war is declared won by Congress.

10,  Congress should pass gun laws that are designed to supersede those of state and local governments.  It would authorize the creation of state militias that would not be subject to federal jurisdiction, other than regulation of certain weapons.  They would not be authorized to operate outside state boundaries.  Gun laws would permit possession, as well as open and concealed carry, of any semi-automatic weapon.  Fully automatic weapons and other weapons of war would be reserved for the military, national guard and militia.

11.  No natural right of any citizen would be infringed without due process.  This includes freedom of association, of the press, of privacy, of self defense, of habeas corpus, or any other right. Congress should pass law reaffirming this principal and guaranteeing that due process will occur in public and within 90 days of any arrest.

12.  Congress should declare war on all entities espousing jihad against the US.  This would eliminate any further discussion of the war powers act.  Note that the President cannot veto this resolution and as commander in chief is obligated to wage the war.  If he/she neglects to do so he/she should be impeached.

13.  War should be fought on all fronts in a robust matter.  It should include cyber warfare, both offensive and defensive.  There is no reason why the NSA can’t shut down the jihadist propaganda machine.  It should be fought economically, as Donald Trump has proposed.  It should be fought militarily, using whatever forces are needed to defeat the local threat.  We can use allies if we can but we should not rely on them.  The war should be brought to the enemy wherever he might be, not just the Middle East.

14.  We should embrace and support those who would be our friends.  Israel is first among these.

15.  Congress should appropriate whatever funds are necessary to wage this war.  Simultaneously they should beef up our conventional forces in order to repulse the Russian and Chinese threat.  If we don’t do this they will undermine our war on the terrorists and we could very well lose everything.

If we do these things we can stem the flow of Islamic terrorists into this country and mitigate the impact of those that are already here.  They can all be done without contradicting the Constitution or infringing on the rights of any citizen.

We are doomed if we don’t act quickly and forcefully on a broad domestic and international front.

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