If #DiBlasio Wins People Will Die: #Trevor Loudon in Oct. 2013



Trevor Loudon is an extraordinary blogger and a good friend.  He is an expert on the Communist connections of US politicians and Bill DiBlasio is at the top of his list (right beneath Obama). In the following speech he makes an impassioned case for DiBlasio’s defeat.  He made some predictions if he wins. Here they are:

If DiBlasio wins, people will die.

  • He will bring us back to the Dinkins days.  Days of Communist control in NYC.
  • Good intelligence and good police work have kept us safe and DiBlasio will that away.
  • It could be your daughter, cousin, etc. who could be walking in the subway and someone gets her.  Its gonna happen folks if you let your guard down.  Its not an effective counter terrorism policy.
  • Mr.  DiBlasio’s election will have lots of consequences and none of them are good.

It has been less than a year into DiBlasio’s term.  Have any of Trevor’s predictions NOT come true?

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