DNC: #Trump is within spitting distance

Not what the TV Democratic shills are saying.  Look what was in my inbox this morning from the DNC:


Friend — I just got a report on our grassroots fundraising goal of 60,000 donations by last Thursday night. It looks like we came up a little short. That means we need to use the final few days of this month to get back on track — and fast. This is the first time we’ve come in under our projection, and it couldn’t have happened at a more critical moment. We had a great month in July thanks to the thousands of Democrats who stepped up to support our party — thank you so much for all you’re doing. But Donald Trump and the GOP still came within spitting distance of us. If we fall behind again, this could be the first month of this campaign when they outraise us. That is not where I want to be going into September. Help make sure we can keep our fundraising advantage going — it’s so important right now. Pitch in $3 or more.

Instead I suggest you give to the Trump or Johnson campaigns.

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