FBI Investigation will delay Kavanaugh for much longer than a week

Kavanaugh is screwed. So are we.

Yes, the actual FBI interviews will take a week. Then they will issue a report. The Senate Democrats will want to interview each of the witnesses.

Then they will want a public hearing.

Some of the witnesses will refuse the invitation so they will be served with subpoenas. They will finally show up.

How many witnesses? 10? 12? Kavanaugh will need his as well. 20? That is at least 10 days of hearings.

The whole time frame will take about 2 months. The election is closer, which is what the Dems want. This was the Democratic trap and Flake led them right into it.

Conservatives must get out the vote in November. We must not only hold the Republican seats…we must have some gains in the Senate. It is our only hope. Thank God Flake is leaving the Senate…Good Riddance.

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