Mar 12

Glenn Beck on the Leftist Fascist #Brownshirts

From Glenn’s Facebook Page

Our family prayers for all of those who remained peaceful in Chicago, that they will be protected and their heart will expand in love and grace. For all those who hate and rage, our prayers for you are the same, but also that you may open your eyes and see that you are being used and lied to. Bill Ayers is a terrorist. We do not battle flesh and bone…. What is happening to us is a direct result of tolerating evil, looking for revenge, and giving in to hate. We all have played a role in this either a large part by actually calling for violence, revenge or street Justice. Or by being silent in the face of evil. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. There will be no innocent bystanders in what is to come. We must all do the hard thing and follow Jesus, Lincoln, Bonhoeffer, mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella. These are the leaders we must find and follow. If you can’t find one- BE ONE. What is happening now in Chicago I have warned against: Bottom up -the people riot and others call out for someone to make it stop. Top down – the top which has their own agenda that is not constitutional or about the people- or a strong man on the outside, provide the solution for the problems they in part created. The people embrace and welcome them with relief. “Finally, this person or group wi

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