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Commentary by TPATH

Dwight Kehoe

August 20, 2014 ~TPATH~ This earth which God has given mankind sits in a vast universe, mingled with and obscured by trillions of other planets and stars spread out over unimaginable distances. It is still unknown if this gift, this planet and its people, are unique or if hundreds or millions of other earths with His children are dwelling in locations so remote that they may forever remain undiscovered.

Our solar system needed to go through billions of years of collisions, melding and organization, which miraculously located our planet and its orbit in a zone where life could flourish. Perhaps our world is not an anomaly in the boundless expanse of God’s kingdom, but surely and without a doubt the human species has ripened into a distinctive race of beings, most of whom have been afflicted with the inexhaustible ability to do the wrong thing.

Many decent and honorable people, not just here in America but across the globe, close their eyes to the reality of history and indulge in the same unfounded hatreds today as so many have in the past. Why? Why the knee jerk hatred for the land of Israel and by extension, the Jew?

TPATH has done some extensive research for this article but we do not intend to provide a collage of dates and locations that would glaze over the eyes of some readers and have them exiting for the latest easy to view viral video. But a short bit of history and the suffering of a people at the hands of others is provided below.

Let’s begin:
From the beginning of recorded history, the Jewish people have never been a class of marauders and seldom had they ever built armies for other than defense. A defense that was, over the centuries, proven to be required but alas, mostly insufficient.

Wherever they chose to settle, wherever they chose to call home, two things were always a certainty. They desired to live in peace, while others invaded, routed and enslaved. This was the destiny of a peaceful class of people living on the earth God gave to all men.

Over the millennium, the uprooting of their families, the theft of their property, land and homes has created a solidarity among them and a not unfounded fear of others. This has become part of their DNA. How has this manifested itself into their psyche? Have they preached hatred and death for those not like them? Have they murdered and terrorized people. Have they stoned or decapitated people who’s religion differed from theirs?

No, they have not. The Jew is hated not because of those things that others do and have done for decades, he is despised because he chooses to separate himself, his family and his loved ones from those outside his culture. How in the world could he be blamed for that?

The Jews have been enslaved by the


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