#ISIS beheads 21 Christians…. here is the video

I know that most of you already know this story so I don’t need to repeat it.  As this continues to happen (today there was a story that 45 Iraqis were burned to death) we tend to get immune to it…just another murder.  Whats the difference between this and a bullet to the head?  Somehow its worse.  Maybe its because it its not an instantaneous death.  Maybe its because the executioners seem to be enjoying it.  Maybe its because the victims are civilians.  Whatever the reason we can’t become immune.  We can’t let genocide become the norm.  We can’t let this cancer grow…it needs to be destroyed.

Here is the complete video.  It will undo any immunity you might have had to this barbaric behavior.



Boko Harem is an even worse player in the abomination arena.  They are killing Christians and other “heretics” hand over fist.  They just don’t make propaganda videos.  They also need to be crushed before the metastasize.

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