#ISIS forces capture big Libyan oil field

Once again the “Commander in Chief” ignores the fact on the ground.  How soon will it be that the revenue from these oil fields fuel the coffers of ISIS?  How soon will it be that the “caliphate” incorporates what used to be Libya, Sinai, and southern Egypt?

Oil prices are already going up because of this.

The COF fiddles while the Middle East burns.

ISIS forces capture big Libyan oil field

Thanks again to DEBKAfile
February 4, 2015, 4:30 PM (IDT)

Islamist State forces have seized the al-Mabrook oil field south of Sirte, one of the largest in Libya, security sources in Paris reported Wednesday. DEBKAfile: Insufficient attention is paid in the West to the ISIS’s creeping expansion in Libya, where the jihadis are focusing on capturing oil fields, as in Syria. The head of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, Gen. Vincent Stewart, disclosed Tuesday that at least 20 terrorist organizations in Egypt, Libya and Algeria had recently joined ISIS and were operating under its orders. The general spoke at a briefing to the US House Armed Forces Committee.

via ISIS forces capture big Libyan oil field.

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