Islamic Terrorist Sanctuary Cities In The United States: Paterson, NJ (14 of 18)

Current City Demographics:
Of the estimated 146,753 current residents of Paterson, New Jersey, according to Mayor Jose Torres, 52 distinct ethnic groups are hyphenated Americans. They include: Puerto Rican-Americans, Bangladeshi-Americans, Turkish-Americans, Arab-Americans, Palestinian-Americans, Albanian-Americans, Dominican-Americans, and Peruvian-Americans.
Paterson, New Jersey has the second-largest Muslim population in the United States of America. The Muslim population is approximately 30,000 and growing under Mayor Torres’ Sharia immigrant importation policy. The Muslims have even gone so far, each year since 2013, as to raise a “Palestinian Flag” over Paterson City Hall, declaring Paterson part of “Palestine.”
Also, many might remember that real-estate mogul and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was making reference to Paterson when he claimed that he sat thousands of Muslims celebrating on 9-11.
Response to Forced Muslim Immigration:
The primary supporter of keeping Paterson, New Jersey safe from potential terrorists who will come to the United States under the guise of “refugees,” is Lebanese born activist Brigitte Gabriel.
Gabriel’s organization, ACT for America has called on its members and supporters to send letters to Torres and the other 17 left wing mayors who have asked Obama for more Muslim migrants.
Mayor Biography & Agenda:
Jose “Joey” Torres was sworn in as Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey on July 1st, 2014. Torres also served two terms as mayor from 2002 until 2010, having previously served five terms on the City Council.
Born and raised in Paterson, Torres is a lifelong, career politician who has been in office or on the government payroll in one form or another since 1985.
He has been the subject of numerous investigations and weathered his fair share of allegations of election law violations. Currently, he is under attack for double dipping, as a current full-time employee of the City of Paterson, with a salary of $119,000, while retaining his full medical benefits and pension of $68,000 as a retiree. All at taxpayer expense.
In order to boost his standing among his various ethnic, hyphenated-American constituents, in 2015, Torres created the new positions of “Deputy Mayors.” These appointed political positions are unofficial and unpaid. But, their role creates an institutionalized link to Paterson’s various ethnic communities.
And, it is these faux political positions that seem directly tied to why Torres would want to bring so-called Syrian refugees to Paterson. Like most of the 18 mayors who signed the Cities United for Immigration Action (CUIA) Letter to Barack Obama begging for Muslims refugees, the possibility of Torres retaining power is cloaked in a liberal mantra of ethnic

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