Let’s Ban the Illegal Guns That the Las Vegas Shooter Used #Las Vegas

Hilary Clinton has already come out for more gun control.  The bodies are still warm, the injured are fighting for their lives, and she shows such “compassion”.   Other Democrats are piling on as well.

From what I heard on the videos, this guy was using fully automatic weapons.  I would like to know what in what jurisdiction these are legal.  I suppose these idiots want to ban the fully automatic weapons.

Actually, their plans are much more insidious.  They would probably ban any weapon that can be converted to fuilly automatic (as has already been done in New Jersey),

They would ban any long gun that could be used in a sniper situation.  That would include most hunting rifles.

They would, of course, ban hand guns.

This leaves us with nothing but shotguns, muzzle loaders, and bb guns to defend ourselves with.  Of course criminals will not comply with any of these laws.  Perhaps they should ban criminals.

Perhaps they should mandate that everyone, not just gun owners, get mental health exams.  Then the cops could raid suspect homes for any new contraband.  While they’re at it they could round in any “fascists” that pose a danger to the government.  Anyone who has been in jail, who is a gang member, or who is an illegal alien would be exempted.

They would ban the Constitution.

Are these scenarios far fetched?  They have happened elsewhere.  They could very well happen here unless we are vigilant.


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