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The madness at Evergreen State College – Hot Air #Snowflakes #Evergreen

Why do we concentrate so much on this third-rate college in Washington?  Because it is the canary in the coal mine.  Because it is what many other colleges and universities could very well turn into.

Remember all those leftist protestors of the sixties?  The Bill Ayers of the left?  The SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers and others?  They didn’t get real jobs.  Instead they went into academia where they poisoned the minds of our children.  Then they got administrative jobs where they hired only those who were of like minds.  They found ways to indoctrinate our children…to allow them unfettered violence with no consequence.  The indoctrinated them with the ideas of Marx, Lenin, and Mao…no contrary ideas…just indoctrination.

We still have time to change this.  These colleges and universities don’t need to be conservative.  They just need to expose our children to divers ideas and let them make up their own minds.  They need to focus on education rather than social engineering.  We have time…but not much.


The madness at Evergreen State College
John SextonPosted at 5:21 pm on September 22, 2017

Thursday the Wall Street Journal published a story based on a review of hundreds of pages of internal emails from Evergreen State College. What the paper found was more evidence that students, supported by certain members of the faculty, seemed eager to label anyone who disagreed with them racist:See Also: Socialist parties on the decline in Europe

Consider a February exchange, in which Mr. Weinstein—a progressive who is skeptical of identity politics—faulted what he called Evergreen administrators’ “reckless, top-down reorganization around new structures and principles.”
Within minutes, a student named Mike Penhallegon fired back an email denouncing Mr. Weinstein and his “racist colleagues.”…
Media professor Naima Lowe urged one of Mr. Weinstein’s defenders to read about how calls for civility are “often used to silence and/or dismiss concerns about racism.” She also said that the “white people making changes in their white supremacist attitudes and behaviors” were those “who do not immediately balk and become defensive,” instead acknowledging that “white supremacy is literally ingrained in everything.” In other words, merely defending oneself against the accusation of “white supremacy” is evidence of guilt.
Last month I wrote about the experience of one professor, Nancy Koppelman, who was surrounded by students who demanded she follow their orders. She wrote a long letter expressing her concern about what she experienced:


The madness at Evergreen State College

In the first occassion, three female students and one male who claimed to not be a student surrounded me with raised voices and twisted my words when I responded to them. When I stopped to try to talk with them they refused to actually engage in conversation. The only thing which they would accept was my obedience, which you won’t be surprised to learn I was not going to give. They followed me all the way across Red Square to Sem 2 [Seminar 2] while berating me. By the time I got to the venue for the faculty meeting, I was shaking.
When I left the faculty meeting I was followed by two new students who were waiting outside the door for me. These two followed me and asserted that nothing I could possibly be doing was more important than following their orders. If I did have something important to do, I should tell them what it is so they could evaluate whether my decision to leave was valid.
The Journal article reveals Professor Koppelman%2

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