MEMRI: Islamic Scholar Pledges Allegiance to #ISIS Emir Abu Bakr #Al-Baghdadi Live on Al-Jazeera TV

Please click to the video.  The “scholar” paints a frightening picture.

Here is the conundrum:  If we allow ISIS to flourish they will slowly fulfill this expansionist vision…or Iran and threatened Arab states will do everything they can to exterminate them.  If they expand and stabilize these efforts will be difficult without our support.  I can see how their borders would be Iran and Kurdistan on the north and east.  It would extend all the down to the Red Sea and include Jordan and Israel.  Of course Israel would never stand for this…can you imagine genocide of an entire country.  Since they won’t have the manpower to defend against the entire ISIS army, attacking it from Syria and Jordan, it will have to use other means (nuclear) to defend itself.  What will Iran do?

Once stabilization occurs they will begin to use unconventional methods to attack Iran and the west.

If we contain them in Iraq and Syria, Israel and Jordan will be saved for the time being.  They can then use unconventional means to attach infidels elsewhere.

Either way we are in grave danger.  The alternative is to destroy ISIS using whatever means necessary.  So be it if it includes ground troops.  We should carpet bomb their troop concentrations.  We should not hesitate to use our superbombs.  Let them, and other potential enemies. see what a few B-52s and B-1s can do. Drop in special forces and a few battalions of Marines to find and kill whomever remains. We should kill or capture their leadership and leave their territory to the tribes (not to Iraq or Syria).  If ISIS or Al-Qaeda reappears we go in and kill them.  In and out with no occupations and no attempt to do nation building.

This same approach should be used in Afghanistan.  Let the tribes rule in their traditional ways with the understanding that any harboring of terrorists will be dealt with forthwith.

Obama’s approach is like trying to kill a hornet’s nest using a fly swatter.  You only make the hornets mad at you.  The only way to make the hornets go away is to kill them.  The more you wait the more difficult it is to get them.  And they always want to get you.

Now we have attacked the king hornet and allowed him to escape. Does anyone think that he will not try to retaliate?  A well placed sniper could have done what the bombs couldn’t.  But Obama won’t allow that.

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