NEW JERSEY: When CAIR attacks, weak-kneed Republican politicians fall on their swords

Chatham Borough Councilman Peter Hoffman has apologized to designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) for some 10-year-old comments he made on Facebook and what CAIR calls the ‘anti-Muslim hate site’ Bare Naked Islam and is committed to making ‘meaningful amends.’

The New Jersey Chapter of CAIR issued a press release calling on the Republican State Committee Chairman to repudiate anti-Muslim and racist comments made on Facebook and on anti-Muslim hate site Bare Naked Islam by Republican candidate for Chatham Borough Council, Peter Hoffman.
Hoffman made the below comment on the site after viewing a video showing a young Muslim girl being stoned to death.

“It’s a statement that I’m very ashamed of,” Hoffman said on Monday. “I apologized for it, it’s not the way I feel. I apologized to the Muslim and Chatham communities. It’s a sincere apology.” Hoffman also made separate Facebook posts that read “a hyphenated American is not an American at all” and “assimilation is what made this country great, NOT emphasizing differences.”
“I committed to meet with them (CAIR) at some point to discuss ways I can help build bridges,” he said.

Since then, Mr. Hoffman has expressed his regret for those remarks and apologized in a letter directly to the CAIR-NJ office.
To CAIR staff:
I have issued a sincere public apology to the Muslim Community for my bigoted, insensitive, & unacceptable comments made 10 years ago in reaction to an extremist video I viewed on a virulent anti-Islamic hate site.
My comments, while emotional, are completely indefensible and I’m am sorry beyond words. I painted all Muslims with a bigoted brush and I while I cannot take the words back, I have committed to demonstrating my sincerity to make things right with the Muslim community, and would be happy to meet with representatives of CAIR to express my profound regret in person. My formal apology can be found here. Tap Into Chatham
Peter Hoffman,
Candidate for Borough of Chatham Council

…From Bare Naked Islam

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