Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat: #Iran ship nears Yemeni shore

The article tells of a major US exercise in Jordan that included a B-52.  This was a show of force no doubt intended as a red line.

Another red line is the naval blockade of Yemen.  There are 2 days until it is crossed.  DEBKA doubts that the US will do anything to inspect the Iranian ship.  I agree.  Another red line bites the dust.

All the warriors in the Pentagon were purged by Obama and his sycophants.  Now we have military wimps.

I have had trouble understanding what our national interest is in the Middle East, other than oil and the ability to pre-emptively destroying the command and control of those who would seek to destroy us.  The raid on the ISIS headquarters was a start…but only a start.  Why couldn’t one or two B-52’s have carpet bombed those ISIS convoys going into Ramadi?  Why couldn’t the drop a few daisy cutters or MOAB’s in selected locations?  Now ISIS has control of Ramadi and will be executing the remaining civilian population.

We are allowing genocide to happen.  While we can’t prevent this everywhere, in this case it is in our national interest to do so. We should bomb them back to the stone age.

The same goes for the Shia areas of Iraq.  They are no better than ISIS.  Ditto for Syria.  We should blockade the whole area and sterilize it.  To Hell with anyone who thinks we should save these devils.

Unfortunately, Obama is going in the opposite direction.  In doing so he is inviting muslim attacks on the homeland.  If Hilary gets elected (or if Obama assumes dictatorial power) we are doomed.


Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat: Iranian ship nears Yemeni shore
DEBKAfile Special Report May 19, 2015, 9:11 PM (IDT)
Tuesday, May 19, two days after Ramadi’s fall to the Islamic State landed a major blow to Baghdad and US strategy in the region, 10,000 troops – more than half American – ended a large US-led military exercise in Jordan that was designed to practice tactics for countering ISIS. Taking part surprisingly in the two-week exercise was a heavy US nuclear-capable B-52H bomber, which flew in from the United States, crossing throug

via Next challenge for US after Ramadi defeat: Iranian ship nears Yemeni shore.

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