NJ State hearings on Common Core – PLEASE HELP!

Two hearings remain, Feb. 22 and March 8!

Last Wednesday, the State Board of Education held a hearing in Trenton on proposed regulations relating to Common Core and PARCC.

These regulations come in response to the report by Governor Christie’s hand picked Commission, that was formed in July of 2014 in response to a bill that was short-stopped by the Governor when it was about to pass the Senate that June.

The hearing I was in last Wednesday was attended by one of ten members of the Board. To say the least, those who testified in my room did not feel that there was much receptivity to their testimonies, which were unanimously opposed to Common Core and the new PARCC requirements. Those testifying were divided into multiple rooms – a control strategy.

At the end of the session, we were hurriedly escorted out by officials and a policemen. In the lobby of the DOE building, some of us were chatting, and we were also pressured to leave by members of the State Police.

The State will have two more hearings on these proposed regulations which will:

1. Make proficiency on PARCC a graduation requirement by 2021.2. Force students, beginning with the current 2020 graduating class, to take every PARCC exam in order to graduate, tripling required high school PARCC testing.3. Override parental right to refuse PARCC,

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