Robert Spencer: Muslims videoing in Ohio church “suspicious in the extreme”

We should return this favor.  Let’s start video recordings of sermons in local mosques?  We can use it as evidence for the creating of a modern crusade.  Now is the time to start action.  No violence…just collection of evidence.  Our crusade must start with destroying muslim propaganda and education the public on what is really happening and being said.  We must elect representatives, including a President, who recognize the threat of Islamic extremism.  Hilary is not that person.

Time to start extreme vetting


This is from Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch

Robert Spencer: Muslims videoing in Ohio church “suspicious in the extreme”
August 15, 2016 11:57 pm By Robert Spencer 44 Comments Meanwhile, as churches are being cased, Church leaders are intent on reading those who call attention to the problem out of the Church.

More on this story. “Saudi Arabians Videotape Inside Catholic Church, Scare Parishoners [sic],” by Richard Ducayne, Church Militant, August 15, 2016:
KETTERING, Ohio – Three Arab men were caught recording footage in Ascension Catholic Church in Kettering, Ohio Sunday, claiming they were only “studying” Christianity — but JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer is calling their behavior “suspicious in the extreme.”
The men, who were visiting their families from Saudi Arabia, had all passed background checks and, according to church authorities, simply breached “proper etiquette.”
“While their actions did arouse suspicion, we believe their actions were simply a breach of proper etiquette,” a statement on Ascension’s website read Thursday morning. “While current evidence suggests that they intended no ill will, the Kettering police and other appropriate agencies are continuing to thoroughly investigate the matter and are keeping us aware of their findi

via Robert Spencer: Muslims videoing in Ohio church “suspicious in the extreme”.

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