Saudi air chief killed in #Scud attack. We must adapt this new foreign policy NOW. #ISIS

A few unanswered questions:

1) Where did the Houthis get the Scuds and the know-how to accurately target them?

2) Who supplied the intelligence that the Saudi air chief would be at the base?

3) Why was there only one or two Patriot batteries protecting the air base?  It was obvious that 15 incoming missiles would be able to overwhelm the 4 interceptors.  This should be a lesson to all those European countries that are relying on our anti-missile protection…we haven’t supplied enough protection against a barrage like this.

4) Why didn’t Saudi or US intelligence identify the Scud batteries prior to the attack?  For that matter, why haven’t the identified the batteries after the attack?

5) Has the US again sided with Iran in NOT supplying the Saudi’s with enough protection and intelligence?

The answer to this is obvious:  we are siding with the Shia and giving lip service to our supposed allies.

We should be neutral in all of this.  Our interest is protecting our current and future interests.  That means the destruction of ISIS and Al Qaeda because they mean to destroy us.  It also means that we must protect the oil fields and shipping lanes since they are vital to the world (and our) economy. Here is what we can do:

1) We need to lay waste to every convoy and military vehicle in what used to be Iraq and Syria.  That means using our strategic bombers to carpet bomb everything in the open.  It means having ground observers or air intelligence for fighters to destroy individual military vehicles…tanks, AFV’s, technical, Humvees, etc. This would be done without regard to whom they belong…Iran included.

2) We should deploy enough troops to protect the oil fields from ground attacks, artillery, SCUD attacks, and air attacks.

3) We should create a network of mini-bases that will provide very rapid attack troops to kill and/or capture ISIS and Al Qaeda leaders.  These would include helicopters and fighting vehicles.Special forces as well as enough regulars would defend the bases and attack company size enemy formations.  They would be mobile enough to support each other should larger formations appear.

4) Rules of engagement would allow for collateral damage including civilian casualties.  We should give adequate warning….ONCE… to all that these things will happen.

5) We should allow the tribes to rule their areas and fight each other as long as they don’t attack the oil files and shipping lanes.  If they do attack they will be destroyed.

6) Since we have lost all credibility with the tribes, we should not enlist them…or anyone else…to help.  However, any other country that shares BOTH sets of interests (this would exclude most Arab and non Arab middle eastern countries), would be welcome to help.  If they do help we can help them with our own energy resources.  Israel, Jordan, Japan, Australia, and Europe come to mind.

7)  These rues would extend to North Africa, Sinai, and other areas where ISIS/Al Qaeda exists.

8) We would require Congress to declare war on ISIS/Al Qaeda and to lay our clearly what the Commander in Chief is authorized to do.  This includes when and how to declare “mission accomplished”.

9) Congress must properly fund this new war. The funding should come from closing down unnecessary domestic prograns in order to increase the military budget.  A supplemental war tax might be implemented.

10)  That portion of the military budget dedicated to combating other contingencies, such as Russian and Chinese aggression, should be increased and not diverted.

11)  Our national interests regarding other contingencies should be clearly articulated.  Strategic planning should include all forms of warfare…economic, cyber, kinetic, covert, and space.  Our national interests would include fulfilling our treaty obligations.  However, we would require that our treaty partners contribute their fair share.

12) Anything the UN says or does should be ignored.

This attack on the Saudis should be a wake up call.  We are not immune.  Were there Amerrican casualties on these bases.  Will Saudi oil production be next?

We must act now, before it is too late.  Given that Obama won’t act, this should be a blueprint for the new President and should be implemented day one of the new administration.


From DEBKAFile

Saudi air chief killed in Yemeni rebel Scud attack on Khamis Mushayt air base
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 12, 2015, 6:36 PM (IDT)
The Saudi Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Shaalan was killed in a Scud missile cross-border attack by Yemeni Houthi rebels on the big King Khalid Air Base at Khamis Mushayt in the southwestern Asir region of Saudi Arabia, debkafile reports. The attack took place on June 6, but his death was concealed under a blanket of secrecy until Wednesday, June 10.

The largest Saudi air base, it is from there that the kingdom has for last two and a half months waged its air campaign to end the Yemeni insurgency. Saudi and coalition air strikes, directed against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, their allies from the Yemeni army and from local tribes, have killed an estimated 2,000 people, some of them civilians, including women and children.
debkafile’s military s

via Saudi air chief killed in Yemeni rebel Scud attack on Khamis Mushayt air base.

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