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MEMRI: Islamic Scholar Pledges Allegiance to #ISIS Emir Abu Bakr #Al-Baghdadi Live on Al-Jazeera TV

Please click to the video.  The “scholar” paints a frightening picture. Here is the conundrum:  If we allow ISIS to flourish they will slowly fulfill this expansionist vision…or Iran and threatened Arab states will do everything they can to exterminate them.  If they expand and stabilize these efforts will be difficult without our support.  I …

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Life Under #ISIS in Mosul #Iraq

Thanks to the Institute for the Study of War This is not good news.  I fear that of non-Shia Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan, and Jordan will follow.  Then…on to Israel. George Life Under ISIS in Mosul by Jenna Lefler Introduction: Over a month has passed since ISIS launched an operation that resulted in its seizure …

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GENEVA: U.N.: Islamic State executed imam of mosque where Baghdadi preached | Iraq | McClatchy DC

The “religion” of peace strikes again.  This is how a small band of terrorists can control many people.  It works the same as what happened in the Russian Revolution and the rise of Hitler.  They kill the opposition, and terrorize the rest into silence or compliance.  Oh, by the way, this was how Saddam Hussein did …

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