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Sep 15

Is Antifa just a group of ‘lawless thrill-seekers?’ – #Antifa

Is Antifa just a group of ‘lawless thrill-seekers?’ John SextonPosted at 10:01 pm on September 14, 2017   The Washington Post has a story today which suggests that maybe, just maybe, Antifa’s motives aren’t as selfless or noble as they claim. Maybe these are a bunch of young people with not very much else going …

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Sep 01

Eyeswitness to…A Beating in Berkeley | The Weekly Standard #antifa

    Lest anyone is confused, I believe ANTFA are the modern day brownshirts who tyrannize freedom loving Americans.  The represent the worst of the worst.  Fascists in all but name.  Their tactics will lead to open warfare in the streets. A Beating in Berkeley Antifa mayhem and malice in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic …

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