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Jordanian Journalist: Hatred Toward #Christian s Is First Step To Terrorism

Note to Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and the rest of the left. Climate change is not the cause of Islamic terrorism.  Neither is Donald Trump or Guantanamo.  The reason is that they hate us.  They have hated us for 1400 years.  They will hate us until they are exterminated. The Crusaders tried to exterminate Islam.  It is …

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Iraqi Christians find safe haven in Jordan’s churches – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Hat tip to AI-Monitor. Jordan comes through again.  How soon before Obama throws King Abdullah under the bus?  Remember that Jordan is on the way to Israel. Israel and the US might be the only true safe haven for these Christian refugees.  No doubt they will not be accepted by Obama since they don’t speak Spanish. …

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