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Texas, Thou Hast Sinned – WSJ #Harvey

  Great editorial from WSJ.  Bottom line:  progressives blame all catastrophe on non-progressive policy.  They prefer more control over our lives.  Wouldn’t it be great, they say for a philosopher king to rule.  Like the North Korean fat boy.  The progressive argument is straight out of the Agenda 21 playbook.   Texas, Thou Hast Sinned …

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Pence: @President Trump Digs Coal

I like that.

NJ’s #Solar Stumble: Sector Sheds 1,000 Jobs in Past Year – NJ Spotlight

Who woulda thunk it?  The solar industry suffers when subsidies subside.  Its about time that it stood on its own two feet rather than on the backs of the New Jersey taxpayers.  I’m afraid, however, that once Christie is out of office, the Dems will run amok with forcing clean energy down our throats. From …

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MEMRI Monitors All Arabic and Urdu Press…No Mention of Climate Change or #Trump Last Week

Another note to Obama, Hillary, and the left.  MEMRI monitors Arabic sources, both print and TV.  Do you see any references to Trump, Guantanamo, or Climate Change?   The MEMRI Weekly: December 11-18, 2015 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR END OF THE YEAR CAMPAIGN The following are links to reports from MEMRI’s Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and …

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Pipeline Tears Through Residential Area in Edison to Supply Fracked Gas to New Woodbridge Power Plant | New Brunswick Today

I remember this gas explosion well.  I live about 5 miles, as the crow flies, from where it happened.  I was on my way to the supermarket when I saw this flare and then a very bright flame above the tree line.  I followed the light, like a moth to a flame, and observed a …

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Regional Plan Association Puts Tri-State Area’s Future in Its Sights – NJ Spotlight

What a crock! This is straight from the Agenda 21 playbook.  Be assured that Agenda 21 has not been forgotten.  It is behind (consciously or unconsciously) most of the “progressive” ideas. This is why we are lagging behind the much of the country (and the world).  We saddle economic development with “fair” housing and climate …

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AFP Blasts Chivukula Nomination to Head Up BPU

            PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release – September 19, 2014   Contact: Mike Proto, 201-400-3666   AFP Blasts Chivukula Nomination to Head Up BPU   Pro-taxpayer group says Assemblyman has “One of the worst, anti-ratepayer track records of any member of the Legislature”   TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity is slamming Gov. Christie’s nomination …

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Where Is It Supposed To Go?

From Real Science. One last point…the calving glaciers cause more sea ice, which is increasing dramatically.  The alarmists still want to blame it on global warming.  Its also probably Bush’s fault. George Many trillions of tons of snow fall on Antarctica and Greenland every winter. All of that has to return to the sea. Alarmists …

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Caleb Rossiter: Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change – WSJ.com

This guy explains why environmental justice doesn’t work in Africa.  He also makes the case why it doesn’t work in the US.  If we do what the environmenalists want, we will eliminate our industrial base.  We’ll no longer have income inequality because everyone will be poor.  Just like Africa is today. George …………… Every year …

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