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NJ State hearings on Common Core – PLEASE HELP!

Two hearings remain, Feb. 22 and March 8! Last Wednesday, the State Board of Education held a hearing in Trenton on proposed regulations relating to Common Core and PARCC. These regulations come in response to the report by Governor Christie’s hand picked Commission, that was formed in July of 2014 in response to a bill …

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Tennessee openly promotes #Islam: 7th graders made to recite Islamic statement of faith

Note that the reason the school district gave for this action was that study of islam was required by Common Core whereas the study of Christianity was not.  Where is the ACLU on this? Coming soon to a school district near you. It is not too late to rise up and oppose this in the …

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Hey, Conservatives, You Won -The College Board’s about-face on U.S. history is a significant political event. WSJ

Somehow this got buried under all the Trumpmania but it is a very significant story.  I think that many of us thought that we couldn’t beat Common Core and its derivatives.  The AP history test was certainly one of the derivatives. It was right our of Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States”.  It could …

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State Education Board Says It Will Largely Continue Common Core Standards | New Brunswick Today

Christie pulled out of Common Core but left the ultra-progressive State Education Board intact.  So the continue the Ultra-progressive agenda intact.  Plus Christie did not pull out of the PARC testing, which is based on the Common Core curriculum. New Jersey is big enough to set its own standards and use its own testing.  As …

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