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Aug 24

Be Afraid: Platform of Movement for Black Lives, recently endorsed by Dem Socialists of America

Black Lives Demands Here is the platform of the Movement for Black Lives. It has been endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America.  Among other things, it calls for reparations, extreme redistribution of wealth to black people, virtual elimination of our military, gutting our police forces, and having black oriented education.  It calls Israel a terrorist stated …

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Dec 24

Glenn #Beck Amplifies Trevor #Loudon ‘s Speech. NYC, You Got What You Wanted, Now You Must Live With It

Dec 24

If #DiBlasio Wins People Will Die: #Trevor Loudon in Oct. 2013

    Trevor Loudon is an extraordinary blogger and a good friend.  He is an expert on the Communist connections of US politicians and Bill DiBlasio is at the top of his list (right beneath Obama). In the following speech he makes an impassioned case for DiBlasio’s defeat.  He made some predictions if he wins. Here they …

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Nov 11

What the Fall of the Wall Did Not Change | Stratfor

Twenty-five years ago, a crowd filled with an uneasy mixture of joy and rage tore down the Berlin Wall. There was joy for the end of Germany’s partition and the end of tyranny. There was rage against generations of fear. One fear was of communist oppression. The other fear was of the threat of a …

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May 28

The New Populism — Fight Back, Go Forward — Right Off A Cliff

Hat tip to TrevorLoudon.com The New Populism — Fight Back, Go Forward — Right Off A Cliff By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom.net     The Progressive/Communist movement in the United States is doubling down in their efforts to catapult America into full-blown Marxism, led by such luminaries as these at The New Populism Conference: Sen. Elizabeth …

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