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Scholars rank #Kerry dead last in terms of effectiveness. – The Washington Post

3I wonder if this poll was taken before the Paris debacle. I shudder to think how he would have done as President.  I suppose no better than Obama. His ineffectiveness is due to a couple of things: 1) the White House desire to control all things foreign policy, and 2) Kerry’s inability to influence the President and …

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#ISIS in full swing under ex-Iraqi general: 70 deaths in a month, on the march in 10 countries

Thanks again to DEBKAFile. A few observations: Saddam Hussein had capable generals. Most were members of the Baath Party and were removed when we took control. The remaining Iraqi military was left devoid of credible senior officers and because of the Sunni-Shia infighting they were not able to replace them. This left no loyalty within the …

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Sen. #Menedez is Looking Better in Foreign Affairs

I was not a big Menendez fan.  I still think that on the whole Steve Lonegan was a much better choice, particularly on domestic issues. However, Senator Menendez has demonstrated a good grasp of the threats to our country from Iran and from elsewhere in the Middle East.  His comments yesterday about Obama’s speech taking …

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British Special Forces To Team Up With Delta Force And SEAL Team 6 To Form Task Force Black

Good news distributed in the wrong way. This article represents a leak from the Obama administration.  It should still be a secret.  It doesn’t release any operational details but still….  No doubt that this is one way that Obama is using to say that he is actually doing something. Hat tip to American Military News. …

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George Will was right. We are getting the Foreign Policy Obama promised.

Does anyone care?

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