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FBI Edits are Censorship, pure and simple

Welcome to the world of Big Brother

2 NJ Gun Control Rallies today…can we counter?

Here is a “progressive” call to action on gun control in New Jersey. Two rallies planned. We should try to counterprotest. Too late for Newark but people close to Trenton might make the 2:00 event. We should be this organized http://mcorfield.blogspot.com/2016/06/immediate-action-needed-to-reduce-gun.html

Dem. Gun Control Bill the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent part 1

WE are not in the midst of an ill advised gun control battle.  We can thank the Democrats for diverting our attention and the Republicans for taking their eyes of the ball. That being said, the GOP has proposed a pretty reasonable approach to imposing further restrictions on our right to self defense.  Basically, they …

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Obama wants to ban #5.56 (and other) bullets

Except for the government no one can buy therm.   The ATF, through executive order, would ban the sales of these AR-15 bullets because….he doesn’t want us defending ourselves.   This should be subject to immediate lawsuit by the NRA and others. It is about time we gave them a piece of our collective minds. …

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