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Vicar of Baghdad: Four Iraqi Christian Kids Beheaded After Refusing to Convert to Islam, Telling ISIS Militants ‘No, We Love Jesus’ #ISIS

The “religion” of peace strikes again.  Once Iran takes over Iraq will things get any better?  I think not. Other than preventing genocide, how will our intervention be in the US interest?  Hard to say. Best to keep an anti-terrorism force in Iraq to destroy whatever targets are appropriate, be they Shia, Sunni, or other. …

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Obama Dissed Again – Iranian Boats Harass Another U.S. Navy Patrol Coastal Ship #Firebolt

In the past week” China dissed Obama. Philippines dissed Obama. Korea dissed the US. Now Iran does it again. This was more than just harassment.  It was intended to show that the US has no balls.  The USS Firebold is a well armed vessel with enough firepower to blow those Iranian boats out of the …

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The IRGC’s involvement in the battle for Aleppo #Iran

From The Long War Journal… Thanks, Obama, for enabling Iran and Russian to perpetuate the Syrian genocide. The IRGC’s involvement in the battle for Aleppo By Amir Toumaj & Max Peck | February 13, 2016 | amir@defenddemocracy.org | @AmirToumaj & @Maxwell_Peck On Feb. 11, the US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar agreed in Munich …

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MEMRI: ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ #Iran #Obama

This is written by the founder of MEMRI and should bear VERY serious consideration. It concerns the Iran Nuclear “Agreement”.  The Emperor to whom he is referring is Obama. This guy knows what he is talking about and it is not good. MEMRI: ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ By: Yigal Carmon* “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” by Duncan …

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#Iran buys 100 Russian refueling aircraft for its air force to reach any point in the Mid East

And so it begins.  I’m betting that Obama does absolutely nothing about this.  Then Iran will do some more.  BTW…where did they get the money to make this purchase?  From the previously sequestered $100 Billion perhaps? In defiance of the international arms embargo, Iran last week placed an order with Moscow for a huge fleet …

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#PlannedParenthood, #Iran, HHS v. LittleSisters… A Good Day for Evil, Bad for USA

It all happened on Monday the 13th These are all consistent with Agenda 21 objectives.

#Obama #newspeak…. Peaceful #Iran #Orwell

Beware the evil that awaits us

Peace in our Time… #Obama the modern #Chamberlain #Iran

Beware of the evil that awaits us.

Stop #Iran Rally 5:50PM July 22 in Times Square… Be There

Note the speaker list.  This has the potential to be awesome.  Be part of the solution. Please make this go viral. http://stopiranrally.org/  

Thousands of US paratroops head for #Iraq. Tehran braces for onset of #ISIS terror attacks on cities

Thousands of US paratroops head for Iraq. Tehran braces for onset of ISIS terror attacks on cities DEBKAfile Special Report June 10, 2015, 9:01 AM (IDT) Tags: The United States this week began transferring to Iraq and Gulf bases elite units of the US 82nd Airborne Division. debkafile’s military sources report that the first batch …

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