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Jun 20

Dem. Gun Control Bill the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent part 2

Yes…everyone wants to prevent the next mass shootings.  Not everyone wants to prevent the next terrorist attack. By trying to control gun sales the Democrats will be doing nothing to prevent the next terrorist attack.  Even if all the guns are confiscated (an impossibility) terrorists will merely revert to some other medium of mayhem.  Maybe …

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Feb 26

ISIS in Iraq: A shadow of its former self – Can this be really true? #ISIS #Iraq

  I think there is a bit of truth to this, although the shadow may still be enough to dominate the territory.  This doesn’t mean that ISIS is being defeated.  They are strong in Syria and are a major presence in Libya and Afghanistan. ISIS in Iraq: A shadow of its former self By Rudaw …

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Feb 14

The Metastasis of #ISIS – Philippines-based jihadist groups pledge allegiance to the Islamic State

From The Long War Journal Philippines-based jihadist groups pledge allegiance to the Islamic State By Caleb Weiss | February 14, 2016 | weiss.caleb2@gmail.com | @Weissenberg7 Still from an Islamic State video featuring Abu Sayyaf Group leader Isnilon Hapilon (center) pledging allegiance to Baghdadi The Islamic State has officially recognized pledges of allegiance from several jihadist …

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Feb 13

Syrian Armed Opposition Forces in Aleppo | Institute for the Study of War

Once again Obama sells the Middle East out to Iran and Russia.  This agreement does nothing to quell the genocide of Christians, to kill ISIS, and to slow the  migration of refugees (and terrorists) into Europe. Kerry will no doubt expect a Nobel Prize for this. Anyone who votes for Clinton or Sanders will get …

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Dec 24

Jordanian Journalist: Hatred Toward #Christian s Is First Step To Terrorism

Note to Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and the rest of the left. Climate change is not the cause of Islamic terrorism.  Neither is Donald Trump or Guantanamo.  The reason is that they hate us.  They have hated us for 1400 years.  They will hate us until they are exterminated. The Crusaders tried to exterminate Islam.  It is …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas from #ISIS – New Horrific ISIS Video

Hat tip to the Clarion Project New Horrific ISIS Video – Do You Really Want to Watch? How many of these filmed executions can one watch? Yet on the other hand, we must not forget the horrors carried out by the Islamic State on a daily basis. By David Harris Wed, December 23, 2015 via …

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Oct 05

Islamic State murders 12 Christians for refusing to renounce Christ #ISIS

And so it continues.  No notice of this by Obama, of course.  These are true martyrs and will be in heaven to see God, not 72 virgins. When will we do something to stop this genocide? George Islamic State murders 12 Christians for refusing to renounce Christ October 5, 2015 12:32 am By Robert Spencer …

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Sep 13

NATO Caught ‘Surprised’ By #Russia ’s Move Into Syria – Defense One

I am not surprised that NATO was surprised,  After all, Obama scoffed at Romney when he called Russia our biggest threat.  And Obama is the only expert on everything in the government. Now what is he going to do?  He came out this week and said, again, that Assad must go.  He painted the red …

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Sep 08

11 Dhimma rules that Christians must obey in the Islamic State

Want to take bets on when these rules are adopted in Dearborn and Detroit? Hat tip to Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Zee News begins this story with this assertion: “After massacring hundreds and thousands of Christians, the Islamic State rulers have now decided to allow them the right to live, provided they sign ‘Dhimma’ contract, …

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Aug 13

#ISIS Uses Mustard Gas Against Kurds While Obama Fiddles on Martha’s Vinyard

The Wall Street Journal and other news publications are reporting that ISIS is using mustard gas against the Peshmerga. Apparently it was either seized from Assad (who, of course destroyed it all) or rom a Saddam Hussein stash (which, of course, he didn’t have). In either case, where is the Red Line? Is Obama really …

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