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Sep 08

11 Dhimma rules that Christians must obey in the Islamic State

Want to take bets on when these rules are adopted in Dearborn and Detroit? Hat tip to Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Zee News begins this story with this assertion: “After massacring hundreds and thousands of Christians, the Islamic State rulers have now decided to allow them the right to live, provided they sign ‘Dhimma’ contract, …

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Aug 13

#ISIS Uses Mustard Gas Against Kurds While Obama Fiddles on Martha’s Vinyard

The Wall Street Journal and other news publications are reporting that ISIS is using mustard gas against the Peshmerga. Apparently it was either seized from Assad (who, of course destroyed it all) or rom a Saddam Hussein stash (which, of course, he didn’t have). In either case, where is the Red Line? Is Obama really …

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Jul 10

US-Israeli-Egyptian mobile sensor-fence projects to block further #ISIS Mid East expansion

A US mobile surveillance sensor tower This is not a good sign.  Not that the Americans are doing this but that it is being done at all. Is ISIS replacing the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa?  If so, Egypt will be mired in civil war and will probably have its borders redrawn.  The area formerly known …

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Jul 08

Unconfirmed reports of foiled coup against #ISIS chief

If true this may be the best news coming out of this mess for a long time.  They may be imploding.  The executions would be for key leaders, which is not good for ISIS regardless of the management style of al-Baghdadi. Unconfirmed reports of foiled coup against ISIS chief DEBKAfile July 8, 2015, 2:49 PM …

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Jul 06

#ISIS targets #Egypt ian Antiquities, including Pyramids and Sphynx

This long article highlights the difficulties Egypt has in defending Sinai.  However, more sinister is their ability to protect such international treasures as the Cairo Museum, the Pyramids, The Sphinx, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel.  I am glad to have visited all except Abu Simbel.  It was dangerous enough then …

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Jun 30

Kings Salman & Abdullah Plan to Redraw the Mid East Map to Contain and Shrink #ISIS

Via DEBKA Weekly.  Do you want to bet that Obama will torpedo the deal? The Greater Sunni Kingdom of Jordan For the first time in decades, the centuries-old royal banner of the Hashemite House of Jordan was unfurled in a quiet, history-loaded ceremony in the Jordanian capital of Amman on June 9. It was presented …

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Jun 15

Thousands of US paratroops head for #Iraq. Tehran braces for onset of #ISIS terror attacks on cities

Thousands of US paratroops head for Iraq. Tehran braces for onset of ISIS terror attacks on cities DEBKAfile Special Report June 10, 2015, 9:01 AM (IDT) Tags: The United States this week began transferring to Iraq and Gulf bases elite units of the US 82nd Airborne Division. debkafile’s military sources report that the first batch …

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Jun 12

Saudi air chief killed in #Scud attack. We must adapt this new foreign policy NOW. #ISIS

A few unanswered questions: 1) Where did the Houthis get the Scuds and the know-how to accurately target them? 2) Who supplied the intelligence that the Saudi air chief would be at the base? 3) Why was there only one or two Patriot batteries protecting the air base?  It was obvious that 15 incoming missiles …

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Jun 06

Two major Mid East escalations: #isis #yemen #scud

Two major Mid East escalations: Yemeni rebels fire Scuds at Saudi air base. ISIS warns Syrian rebels DEBKAfile Special Report June 6, 2015, 1:12 PM (IDT) : Middle East war buildup,   via Two major Mid East escalations: Yemeni rebels fire Scuds at Saudi air base. ISIS warns Syrian rebels.

May 29

Exclusive: #ISIS columns heading from Syria toward Jordan, first targeting the border crossing

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – ISIS – was on the move Sunday, May 24, from central Syria to the Jordanian border, debkafile’s exclusive military sources report. They were advancing from the central town of Palmyra, which they seized last week, in columns of US-made tanks and armored cars taken booty in …

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