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Aug 05

Slate puts mother of 5-year-old Muslim migrant rape victim on trial. Why should we be surprised?

HT to Jihad Watch. Slate puts mother of 5-year-old Muslim migrant rape victim on trial August 3, 2016 10:47 am By Robert Spencer 64 Comments This is an unconscionable exercise in journalistic terrorism by Slate’s Michelle Goldberg, as the mainstream media continues its mad quest to cover up the devastation wrought by Muslim migrants, and …

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May 13

U.S. #Jihad Deradicalization Program Fails, Subject Re-Arrested | PJ Tatler

Now he’ll be put in jail where he can radicalize lots of others.  He should have been allowed to go to Syria and be killed.  His passport and citizenship should be revoked just in case he wants to come back here. George Via PJ Media. Minneapolis Terror ‘Deradicalization’ Program Fails After Just Months, ‘Test Case’ …

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Oct 22

Silence in the face of #Jihad in New Jersey

This article from American Thinker explains how close jihad is to the citizens of New Jersey.  Our “esteemed” governor is facilitating this behavior. So is our President.  It is about time that we fought back both in New Jersey and nationally.  We need to identify and expose those mosques and Islamic centers that are breeding …

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